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How Many Yards Left On Yarn Ball?
How Many Yards Left On Yarn Ball?

How Many Yards Are Left On Your Yarn Ball?

You have yarn left over from a previous project but you really don’t know how much yarn is left. The project states how many yards you need but are you concerned you won’t have enough? Use the yarn yardage calculator below to tell you how many yards are left.

Preparations Needed Before You Begin

  • Look at the ball band to get the number of yards and ounces that is on the label. If you do not have a ball band, go to the manufacturer’s website and look up the yarn to get the same information.
  • You will need a postage or food preparation scale.

2 thoughts on “Yards Yarn Ball Calculator

  1. This is so wonderful!! I have a lot of partial skeins in my stock and now I’ll know how far they will go. You never stop amazing me! THANK YOU!

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