Crochet Pleated Little Sweetie Dress
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Crochet Pleated Little Sweetie Dress
Crochet Pleated Little Sweetie Dress

Pleated Little Sweetie Dress

Introducing the Little Sweetie Dress. Due to extreme demand from our audience, many have asked for this dress to have more draping or pleats at the bottom instead of just being straight down. I have taken the liberty to change 1 line in the pattern which alters the skirt area. It makes the skirt 3 times more stitches on one layer. Once you complete the line, the rest of the pattern can easily be followed.

Get the Little Sweetie Dress Pattern.

Just be forewarned that you will use 3 times the amount of yarn to complete the skirt area.

This is what the pattern says at the Skirt Area:

Round 2 (Right Side): Ch 4 (counts as dc, ch 1 here and throughout), dc in first st (beginning V-st made), skip next dc, *V-st in next dc, skip next dc; repeat from * around; join with slip st in 3rd ch of beginning ch—35 (37, 41, 43) V-sts.

Change it to this to get the pleats:

Round 2 (Right Side): Ch 4 (counts as dc, ch 1 here and throughout), dc in first st (beginning V-st made), *V-st twice in the next st, V-st in next dc, repeat from * around; join with slip st in 3rd ch of beginning ch V-sts.
This change will cause the v-stitches to multiple 3 times. When moving up into the next round. You will operate in the v-stitches as it states. The only change from hereon in is that the number of v-stitches around has been changed. You will not add any extra stitches and operate the pattern as normal. This will not affect the length of your skirt.

Video Tutorial

11 thoughts on “Little Sweetie Dress with Pleats + Tutorial

  1. Bang On!! I looked & looked for this pattern to change the Little Sweetie Dress to the one with pleats… I finally found it and I’m so grateful! I made the Dress for one of my Great-Great Nieces and I’m ready to start on the Pleated Dress for my 2nd Great-Great-Niece. The 1st dress came out beautifully and the Baby & Mom both love it. The pleated dress will be so much like the 1st one and yet so different at the same time.
    Thank You so very much for posting this!!

  2. hi my little girl is turning 5 next month. and her size is like for 7yrs old. she’s a little bit tall for a 5yrs old. how will i make her a dress for her size i am a beginner. Thank you.

  3. I love this little dress! My question is this: I am left handed so when it comes time to shape the armholes, should I reverse the directions – in other words, instead of ch 3 then 18 dc should I do the 14 dc first instead and the 18 dc last? Or will it make any difference at all?

  4. Hi Mikey, just started the pleated dress yesterday, a few times I got stumped with the pattern but then went to your video…really so easy, for some reason I make things harder on myself! Very excited, if not for my ole arthritic fingers I would of had it done last night! Love your videos…very clear, easy to follow..AND in their entirety!

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