Macrame Returns In Style… I’m So Scared

Learn to Macrame
Learn to Macrame
Learn to Macrame!

Hello 70’s and Early 80’s

Can you hardly believe it? I know… Macrame is returning back into fashion! My friend Colleen is going to be saying, “I knew it!” and pulls out her 70’s LP’s.

Can I tell you how much I know about Macrame! I don’t know SQUAT! 

Daniel has been on me since early 2015 telling me it’s going to come back. I’m like, tell it to the judge! Looks like I lost in court! I don’t know how to fake cry but if I could, now is the right time.

Now is the time for a dance music break! Stayin’ Alive! 

In my near future, like really near that I was going to film today. My head spinning in circles! The instructions me to do this, do that… over hand this, what am earth am I doing? So I realized I cannot film and teach people at this moment.

Understanding the Way You Learn

My mother taught me memory hooks as a child. You see that on my YouTube Channel a lot. It contradicts the standards of teaching crochet. However, my memory as a child in learning complex things were aided by memory hooks to make things click in.

So some people, they want the instruction. Insert the hook here, and do this. For me, I explain to insert the hook and tell you why it’s important to do the next step. Showing you that each step plays off each other. So instead of leading you like sheep, you are gaining understanding on exactly what your goals are.

A real-life example would be at a former job. “I need you to move this skid from here to there!” I wanted to know why I am moving the skid. Instead of being dictated to, I wanted to be part of the motion with comprehension to know I was part of a step. “We need you to move the skid from here to there so Sandy can unload the boxes!” Suddenly, my step on why I am doing was moving a skid clicked in. It may sound stupid, but I don’t like to follow without understanding the bigger picture.

Back to the Start of The Crochet Crowd

Just before I filmed my first video tutorials back in 2008. I watched another host. She referenced the motion of Yarn over and insert hook!. I didn’t know what Yarn Over was. I was lost. I realized I couldn’t follow her because the language is more than I personally know for skill level. If she would have said wrap the hook, I would have been fine.

So Macrame is my future, in reading a set of instructions to prepare for filming today. It said to do an overhand knot! What is that?

So I have to turn back time and begin to research my way and film the basics of Macrame before I can continue. I realize I cannot teach Macrame if I don’t know the basics. I realize others can’t learn Macrame if I don’t know what I am talking about. Others cannot be expected to learn with lingo that is unfamilar to them.

Bernat Maker Home Dec
Bernat Maker Home Dec

The Trend is Here for Macrame

More and more yarns are coming out that is trending for Macrame and craft usage.

Yarn that are like cords and have the strength to hold up pots and other things.

I’m not upset I have to learn this, in fact, it’s something new. I know some people, including me, get burn out. So this may be a change of pace. I have seen Macrame even up at Michaels for sale as a finished item. I realized, I can Macrame that… but I have to learn how to first.

So I am going to create a mini series of the basics of macrame. Wish me luck! I’m going in girls!





  1. Patricia

    I learned macrame in the 80″s. Last year I was learning to make a beautiful macrame necklace and earrings for my intended DIL. Their wedding is in December 2019 so this would be a welcome class Mikey as I have to revisit all that I learned those many years ago.

  2. I learned to do Madame in high school…artclass! Would love to relearn with everyone.

  3. KDefSa

    I actually have 15 copy boxes full of macramé cord and cording accessories in my basement. Given to me by my cousin, after her mother, my aunt passed away. I am looking forward to the MAL, to finally be able to use some of it.

  4. Jane Osborne

    I too did macrame items in the 60s and and 70s, in fact, I helped finance my college education by selling my work at craft fairs. I have continued to make items for gifts, (such as plant hangers), throughout the years, but it has been difficult to find appropriate cord to work with. I am allergic to jute and wool so I am very excited that synthetic materials are being produced that can be used for macrame. I will be one of the first to jump on any MAL you start, and help as much as I can. Mikey, go for it!

  5. Jamadon Beever

    I absolutely love seeing this from the crochet crowd. I remember my mom doing macrame when i was little. She made a swing that hung in my grandmothers home that me and my cousins use to swing on. It was so cool to be swinging inside the house. Now that i own my own home and have my first grandbaby here i want to make a swing for him to make memories. I have always wanted to learn this technique but my mother passed away so i have no one to learn from now. I love mikeys crochet tutorials they have been so helpful. It would be awesome to see some great macrame tutorials because there isnt a lot of them out there that i have seen. Thank you mikey for all that you do.

  6. carla stewart

    Cool man! I learned macrame in school art class as a matter of fact I just got done making an owl luggage tag

  7. Salthom

    Wow you have read my mind! I have been thinking i would like to get back to my old craft macrame! Looking forward to your new voyage too!

  8. Cathy Field

    I can not remember the formula for length of cords, but it is manageabe.I made window coverings
    , Wall art and the pot hangers back in my macrame heyday.

  9. Cindy S

    I learned to macreme back on the 70’s, and loved it i knew the knots back then, but I guessed at the amount of cord needed. I am liking that it is coming back in style. A few years ago, I found plant hangers that my mom made. She is gone now.

    Mikey, I think my learning process is close to yours, if not the same. I have always needed to understand new things, before I could really grasp it. My example is when I was taking college classes. If I didn’t understand, or if my brain had a question about what was being said, my mind couldn’t absorb anymore information If when listening to a lecture, and it wasn’t clear, or if it triggered a question in my mind, I couldn’t just let it go, and go back to it, I had to raise my hand, interrupting, and ask my question once I comprehended the answer, and only then, I could go on to learn and understand more. My only salvation was tape recording lectures, so while my brain stopped hearing, my recording would pick up from that point. I excelled in physiology, as it explained why, but barely passed anatomy, which was pure memorization.
    All that to say, after watching your videos, I retain what you taught, because you answer “why.” I can understand any of what you teach, which has helped,me become better at reading patterns, and making adaptations
    You also make learning fun. I hope that soon, I can begin to create patterns.
    Lastly, when taking a class in nursing school, we were given the quick assignment to write down how to make a peanut and jelly sandwhich. Then our instructor, followed the written directions exactly as one of us had written. You would be surprised how many sandwhiches could not be made, or how they were made, (a disaster), because of the lack of clear simple written steps. If you assume your reader knows steps, their first attempt to make a sandwhich (or crochet project) is most likely going to set the student up to fail.

    Mikey, thank you for yoyr enthusiasts and love for crocheting and teaching!

  10. Emma

    Yes macrame would be awesome. ???

  11. Dorothy Schultz

    I TOTALLY understand where you are coming from as a learner who needs to know the overall objective of each step to learn efficiently and needs to know specific vocabulary. Thank you for expressing it so well.

  12. Marta Guthier

    Would love to see mini tutorials, I love macrame!

  13. Page Rogers

    Im looking forward to macramé. I tried to learn in the 70’s. Even bought beads for it. The confusion for me was determining the length of the cord for the project. You need the cord measured and rolled up with a rubber to control it. The knots are fairly simple so you should have no problem Mikey. Just how much cord to me was confusing.

  14. Cindy Hull

    Mikey, I am surprised you haven’t tried macrame before now. it is really quite easy. Once you figure it out you will be all over this. Lots of wonderful things to make with macrame not just wall hangs and plant hangers.

  15. Denise crane

    I was 15 yrs old in 1978 and in home economics class they taught us to macrame. It was so much fun. I could try to help or explain to u thru e mail, text or… it’s not that hard and u being an excellent crocheter. You would be hooked. Lol

  16. Elizabeth

    I’m planning on teaching a simple macrame project for our Fiber Guild soon. Your videos will be a great help!

  17. Jeanette

    Well I’m ready for some Macrame patterns, I still have all mine from the 70’s.

  18. Gloria

    Yes I did I look forward to your tutorial. Mike I like short and purposeful crochet..teach more or show more pattern for short spanners (quick fix) like me.

  19. Rosemary

    I have been thinking about doing Macrame for a while……thank you for putting it out there….can’t wait…..I am thinking wall hanging, hanging planters…..rug?

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