Nesting V-Stitch

Nesting V-Stitch
Nesting V-Stitch
Nesting V-Stitch

Nesting V-Stitch

The Nesting V-Stitch is simply the V-Stitch but the placement of the next row higher has the middle of the next V-Stitch directly in the middle of the one right below.

The advantage of this type of stitch is the nesting quality. Due to the stitches positioning, when the project is not stretched, the fabric will sink and rest with other other. This will give the project a warmer quality.

If the project fabric is stretched, the lacy appearance will show up making the project more breathable. Its’ a pretty easy stitch to master.

This appears in a free pattern, it’s called Classy Crochet Cowl.

I have a video tutorial to show you how to do this stitch.

Video Tutorial


  1. Sally

    Hi Mikey, I could not open the link to the video tutorial for the nesting v stitch.

    • Mikey

      Thanks. I temporarily turned it off as the pattern was temporarily unavailable. It’s on now.

  2. For unknown reasons, I went weeks without a post from you so I was thrilled to see afghan and cowl pics and instructions on my scroll this very early morning. The stitches are beautiful and inspiring. Sending you hugs. If you share these hugs with others, they will multiply like tribbles!

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