Crochet Nutcrackers: 12 Feet Tall

Crochet Nutcracker with Crochet Igloo
Crochet Nutcracker with Crochet Igloo
Crochet Nutcracker with Crochet Igloo

Our Final Nutcracker Pics

The Crochet Crowd Nutcracker and Igloo exhibit was a tremendous hit at the Creativ Festival in October 2015.

Four of us which included Michael Sellick, Daniel Zondervan, Kevin Price and Karen Price took three months to complete these nutcrackers.

Our complete gallery of the behind the scenes of making our structures to milestones of creating the nutcrackers is available for you to see how we did it. View our Nutcracker Gallery.


Nutcracker Sketch
Nutcracker Sketch by Daniel

The outfits were made on the go without much thought to design. While we did have a hand sketch by Daniel to work from. We used his sketch to keep the costumes similar. Colours and stitching techniques were decided on a whim as we crocheted the outfits.

Daniel, being a professional musician, has played the violin for this particular story. The video below is a representation of the story but Daniel didn’t perform in this video. Daniel understood the story line and the beauty of the music to come up with the concept of the themes for our nutcrackers.

To most guests, we surprised them with our calculated theme. Each of the nutcrackers represents Act 1 and Act 2 of the Nutcracker Ballet Suite.

Our Green Nutcracker – Act 1

The Nutcracker starts off as a toy in Act 1 and therefore our Nutcracker has the toy appearance as you can tell by the face. His costume is decorative with cross stitching details on the lapels in playful toy colours. In act one, there was falling snow, a Christmas party and the battle of the Nutcracker and Mouse King. On the top hat, you can find elements of the story with the toy soldiers, snare playing rabbits and mice.

By the end of Act 1, the Nutcracker defeats the Mouse King and transforms into a prince. Therefore, our second Nutcracker looks more human as he is now the prince.

Our Purple Nutcrackers – Act 2

In Act 2, the Nutcracker is now a prince leading the dreaming girl to the land of sweets. His costume is changed to represent the new scenes of Act 2. The top hat and attire are matching several scenes which include the Land of Sweets with candy all over his outfit. The top hat having the Sugar Plum Fairies, Russian Dancers, Chinese Dancers and the Dance of the Flowers.

The Crochet Igloo

The igloo is part of our exhibit as a separate showcase. It represents 250 crocheters from around the world who sent us snowflakes as donations. The frame is made up of Water PVC Pipes from a homemade pattern that Daniel constructed himself. There are over 3,000 crochet snowflakes on the igloo with over 8,000 connections between them all. It is a symbol of our global crochet community.

From the interior, it was magical and pictures do not do it justice as the feeling you had when you were beneath the 1000’s of snowflakes.


The entire structure of the Nutcrackers is made from scratch as you can see in the complete gallery. Most of the hand crochet stitch work is free formed to match the sizing. Some of the appliques and dolls are actual patterns where they have been altered to match the theme.

The main yarn used is Caron Simply Soft Party, Bernat Satin, Bernat Super Value and Bernat Handicrafter Yarn by Yarnspirations.

Time & Expenses

The Nutcrackers from start to finish from the structure to the final presentation took approximately 1,150 hours giving us a labour cost of $18,000. Materials and yarn are approximately $2,000. Together as a pair, they are worth a minimum of $20,000.

Video How We Crocheted Our Nutcrackers

Final Crochet Nutcracker Photos

Crochet Nutcracker
Crochet Nutcracker
Crochet Nutcracker
Crochet Nutcracker
Crochet Nutcracker
Crochet Nutcracker
Crochet Nutcracker
Crochet Nutcracker


  1. I knew that you were special Michael. This is what kept me coming back again and again. You’ve taught me so much. This display is Soooooo incredibly beautiful. I’m glad I got to see it.


    • Grace Ella Meade Peterman

      You wouldn’t have a Nutcracker pattern somewhere? My daughter does The Nutcracker Dream of Sweets every year and I want to crochet her a Nutcracker this year. All the patterns I found make him to fat or too unrealistic. Paid patterns that I can’t afford to do and are in english terms not american english.

      • Mikey

        Afternoon Grace. I don’t know of any free patterns for Nutcrackers. I would have done what you did and searched but I think the type of project is warranted for a paid design as it’s elaborate and very time consuming to design. I’m sorry. I am not help today for you. You could use Ravelry and search by free patterns though. That’s what I would do.

  2. Melinda

    Are these on display and where? I so want to go see these….

    • Jan Lambert

      Wow Wow and Wow absolutely amazing!!!
      Utterly fantastic!

  3. Bea Beauchamp

    I was so amazed to see this display in person in Toronto. What a great job you all did to think of this and have it come to fruition. Can’t wait for the next “travelling” show!!!

  4. Ali

    So proud of all of you and your hard work! I wasn’t able to see them in person, but love the pictures!

  5. Donna

    Michael and Daniel,

    What a beautiful display, I was in awe when I read this article. I had a tear in my eye because I know deep down this is what I want to do (be creative) but it’s not easy for me. You and Daniel give me such hope and inspiration knowing I can do this. On a personal level, I know have to change how my routine is at current status. Working in the same field for the past 23 years and at a position I am not happy in; I wish I could just get and quit but not an option at the moment. Knowing I have this outlet; The Crochet Crowd to come to every day and read all the wonderful articles and seeing the beautiful patterns being made, keeps my dream and goal in life alive! Thank you so much for all that you do on all levels. I also, want to say thank you to Karen and Kevin Price for their creativity too. The four of you make an awesome team.

    • It’s difficult when you are stuck between what you want to do and what you have been doing. I was like that too. The deck of cards were shuffled and I was able to change. I am fortunate but understand also that there are many people without options too. If only life could be simpler.

  6. So happy to pin this for you, Mikey, Diva Dan, and Crew! What an amazing thing you all accomplished. I would love to hear that they used the Nutcrackers and the Igloo on the set of The Nutcracker Ballet in New York. So awe inspiring!! Love, Fran Norfolk VA

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