OMG Foot Fungus That Never Goes Away: A Solution

Toe Fungus Solution
Toe Fungus Solution
Toe Fungus Solution

Back in 2015, yeah that long ago, I noticed on a cruise ship that I was limping. It was the second leg of a crochet cruise where I had been on the ship already for 1 week and halfway through a second week. Something under my foot was killing me. Upon looking, I saw nothing was wrong. I gave the class an assignment and went back to my cabin to really look at my left foot. Between my two smallest toes, a had a massive water blister. I broke it, it gushed and the pain was instantly gone.

This became my 5 years of drama. Turns out, I got athlete’s foot. 

My left foot over the years kept acting up. Blisters constantly. Painful today, fine tomorrow but then 2 years ago, both of my feet changed. Severe cracking to the point where I have to decide if I really want to walk or stay seated longer. Peeling thick skin about the size of quarters coming off leading to bleeding and more. It was awful! Truly!

We Sit A Lot

As a crocheter, I sit a lot. I sit all day working at my desk and then sit all night long until bed crocheting. My feet are barely used and I barely get enough steps into my day.

Applying creams to my feet requires me to keep my feet up but once the crap is on my hands, I have to find a way to get up, wash my hands and then hobble back to my chair. So the application of the creams is really inconvenient, so I wouldn’t bother.

So I needed a solution that doesn’t require me to put the creams on my hands so I can stay seated. This has become my personal nightmare to deal with.

The Boutique Spa

I decided to call a local spa called The Boutique Spa to see if there is a treatment for my feet for the dryness. So I got a sports pedicure. Using the sanding files, it was unbelievable the amount of dry skin coming off. The callous build-up, especially to the left foot was really horrendous. I was jaw-dropping at it.

So my toenails are not discoloured and if you never saw the bottom of my feet, you would never know I had anything wrong. It was serious, at least to me. My friend Anita took me to the spa on the cruise ship even though I had been to my local spa 2 weeks earlier. They did their magic, filed and applied what is called Paraffin wax as the final treatment. The moisture of the Paraffin would stay in my foot would stay a day or two and then I am back to watching my feet crack apart. I hadn’t seen the bottom of my feet so rejuvenated before like that, so I know I need to keep the moisture in my feet longer to let them heal.

Upon coming home from the cruise, I came to visit my local spa to ask if they do the Parrafin, which they do. So I got a foot treatment and then Covid-19 hits and lockdown, including the spa.

My left foot, the toenails on my serious foot discoloured and it turns out I got myself a toenail fungus. Yeah me, I couldn’t be so lucky but I don’t know what it is as I hadn’t ever seen it before. It went from the small toes and then eventually nailed my large toe and I was devastated! You have no idea how upset I was.

The feet started cracking really seriously, sometimes up to 5 open gashes that are up to 2″ long. When I walked, the gashes would open up and they were right on the pressure points of walking.

Commercials on TV

I kept seeing ads for toenail fungus. Promises of fast fixes but when you read the labels, nothing about fast as you have to wait for your nails to grow out. The fungus is right under the nails on the nail bed. So the solution has to soak through.

I tried 2 different over the counter liquids to apply to the toes. I couldn’t stop it. I finally broke down and decided to call the doctor and get a medical opinion.

Finally Saw My Nurse Practioner

Here in Canada, we don’t pay out of pocket (as it’s worked into our taxes) for our healthcare to see our family Nurse Practioner. So the excuse not to have gone sooner is really just laziness and hoping it goes away on its own.

My doctor looked and said to me, you have two options. I can home remedy this for you or you can pay $300 for medication. Both treatments will take the same amount of time. Go for the home remedy option, it will save you money and works just as well.

She said she had the same issue and this is what she did. She said it’s remarkable that both feet never got the same issue. So I’m lucky, I suppose.

I also booked a weekly spa appointment at my local spa instead of once every 5 weeks like I had been doing. Every Saturday afternoon, I have an hour at the space to remove excessive callous.

Foot Nail Fungus Solutions
Foot Nail Fungus Solutions

The Treatment


  • Get a roaster you normally do with your turkey that you probably have.
  • Place 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar into a roaster that will fit my feet.
  • Fill with warm/hot water so the water line is just above the toes.
  • Soak my feet for 15 minutes and play on social media to distract the time. I usually watch Tik Tok videos.
  • Do this every other day in the early evenings.
  • This will naturally disinfect my feet and begin the healing process.

Now Go Find My Crochet Chair

Get comfortable and apply Vicks Vapo Rub and Shea Butter to the feet.

  • Grab a pair of socks to wear if you have to get up or when you go to bed.


  • Using a cue tip, rub Vicks Vapo Rub over the nail and around the edges of each of the infected nails.
  • This will soak in and slip under the nail where the problem is. It will attack the fungus and kill it.
  • Leave on toenails.

Shea Butter Balm

  • This is like a deodorant stick container.
  • You don’t have to touch it. Just rub it on to the bottom of the feet and leave it on.

Get Cozy

Cover your legs with a blanket so it heats up your blood that goes to your feet. This will help keep your exposed feet in the winter warm without needing a cover.

Put your feet up and crochet until your heart’s content.

Let the Vicks and Shea Butter soak in. If you have to get up, slip on a pair of socks so you don’t get the creams on the floors.

In Process – 1 Month After Starting

Toenails Growing Out
Toenails Growing Out

It’s now been a month and it feels like nails take forever to grow. I was able to kill the fungus and new growth is coming in as normal and the discoloured is growing out. I had noticeable results within a week of soaking my feel to heal the deep gashes of splits in my skin. Today, 4 weeks later all of the gashes are gone and so is the pain and new growth isn’t infected by the fungus

I’m still continuing the soaks and treatments regardless until it’s gone. My toenails should be back to normal by summer.

Crochet is such a lack of body motion hobby of sitting. My lack of movement, wearing socks all day, every day contributed to my issue.

In Process – 2 Months After Diagnosis

Evidence from my smaller toes that I had toenail fungus is gone. My feet haven’t cracked on the pressure points. I have been really vigilant to use the Vicks and shea butter balm each evening. I am sure the fungus is gone but I won’t be happy until it completely grows out.

I am continuing to soak my feet every other night, for 15 minutes, with apple cider vinegar in the water.

I still continue to do the spa each Saturday for a sports pedicure and paraffine.

It’s just a matter of waiting for the final nail to grow out.

Toenail Fungus
Toenail Fungus

The Final Kick in the Face

My Nurse Practioner asked me a question. “Do you know how you got the athlete’s foot and now the toenail fungus?” and I answered no. Because I am daft you know!

She said you must have been walking in a public place barefoot. Where would have been walking barefoot in a public place? The obvious answer for me is the cruise ships on the pool deck.

Turning back to the start of the story. It’s taken me this long to finally get solutions as I am so lazy to see my health professional! Years of personal embarrassment and more I didn’t have to incur. So of course, now I blog about it and share it with the world but I know I am not alone and maybe, just maybe, someone else is having a similar issue that could benefit.

Of course, consult your health professional. The really major cost to me is seeing the spa once a week but once I know I am in the clear, I will pull back the appointments to being more sparse once again.

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