Crochet Easy Rag Doll Wig Pattern

Crochet Easy Rag Doll Wig Pattern

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Crochet Rag Doll Wig

Crochet Rag Doll Wig

Crochet Easy Rag Doll Wig for Halloween

Crochet this easy Crochet Rag Doll Wig. The foundation under the hair is similar to a hat. The beauty of this pattern is that you only need 1 ball of Red Heart Vivid Yarn, which is the hair, for this wig.

This is a great costume idea for Halloween. See how it’s done with my tutorial below.

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Crochet Rag Doll Wig Pattern



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7 thoughts on “Crochet Easy Rag Doll Wig Pattern”

  1. Melissa Keeney says:

    What age of child are the two sizes meant for? I would like to make one for a newborn, but have a feeling these are meant for an older child. If that’s the case, is there an easy adjustment i could make to the pattern to make it work for a newborn?

    1. Marina King says:

      yes these are meant for larger than newborn. I would think you could adjust the same as you would a hat if you are familiar with making those.

  2. Kelly M Lane says:

    No Blue Button

  3. Runa says:

    Can you add sections or lines on the cap? I am making this for a baby with 16 inch head and it is not fitting.
    How do I add lines?
    Thank you.

  4. Helen Diaz Hilton says:

    Link broken: 1 ball of Red Heart Vivid Yarn (“Red Heart” in first paragraph)


    1. Mikey says:

      Updated. Thanks.

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