Squares for Sarah

Squares for Sarah
Laying out the Squares together and deciding the best order.

Squares for Sarah

July 9th, text message from my friend Linda to myself and Yolanda.  “What do you guys think about a little community afghan for Sarah for a going away gift for college?  Would you guys be willing to do like 2 – 18″ squares?  Or am I being ridiculous? :). If you don’t have time, let me know… :)”

I have been friends with Linda for 25+ years.  I taught her to crochet about 4 years ago and we have a blast crocheting together monthly in a little craft club that we belong to with a few others.  We rotate from house to house each month, crocheting, scrapbooking or sometimes just talking and laughing.  We also communicate daily between Facebook Messenger and text messages.  These are my girls that I lean on the most.  So when one of them asks me a favor like this, I jump at the chance to help.

So the messages started flying.  We decided to ask one more person from the group who has also know Sarah since she was a young child.  We felt like 4 people together could make a nice balanced afghan and able to get everyone organized before Sarah left for college.  Facebook Messenger group created ~ Squares for Sarah.

Sarah loves pink and grey, so everyone was to make 3 squares of any design of any shade of pink and/or grey and 14″ square.  We let the colors and designs define our own personal styles so that the blanket would be a true representation of each of us, so if Sarah gets a bit homesick, she can wrap of and feel the love of those at home who love and support her a lot.

We met up less then 4 weeks later to bring our squares together and figure out the best layout for them.  It was so fun to see them all and how each person used some of their favorite stitches.

Linda took them all home to border each square and join them together.  One week later, we surprised our sweet Sarah with the prettiest and most heartfelt afghan (at least in our eyes) to her.

Sometimes, not only does it take a village to raise a child, but also to send them off into the world. Fly high Sarah!



  1. Hollylynne

    I think it would be great for a parent to crochet one square a year and then make a blanket when the child is ready to go to college or get married…it could even be something to remember each year by…just a thought but I love this blanket for Sarah 🙂

  2. Christie Allen

    I love the idea. I have twin (10 years old)girls. Who hopefully will be able to go to college too. I have been crocheting since they were born in 2007.

    • Sena

      I love the squares blanket for Sarah. Is it possible to get some of the square patterns. Thanks in advance ?

      • Mary E Bell

        How do I get the pattern for the squares?

      • Jeanne wrote this article to showcase the act of giving. The girls just picked squares they found online or self-made them without patterns to make the blanket. I’m sorry, there aren’t recorded patterns for this afghan.

  3. Shelia Owie

    Really cool & thoughtful idea? The blanket turned out beautifully!

  4. Harold N Dorsett

    Love that idea!! Is there way we can get the patterns for the squares? I love the ones Linda did.

    • Linda

      Hello!!! This blanket was such an amazing gift for my daughter. With using such a light pink, I knew my stitches would really show. I chose the granny corner to corner stitch, the arcade stitch ( I love this one and did a stunning blanket before) and the last was the cluster stitch which I hadn’t done before and wanted to try.

  5. Theresa

    What a lovely idea and such a heartfelt gift. I love that one square has the pretty flower and she folded it with the flower on top.

  6. Karen Catone

    Great idea! I also wanted to send my daughter off to college several years ago with a homemade, filled with love, crocheted blanket. It’s what brought me to find Mikey on YouTube and the Crochet crowd. After not having crocheted for many years, I haven’t stopped since!!

  7. Linda McNally

    That was a heartwarming act of kindness. We need more of that in this world! Kudos!!

  8. Marsha Lipsius

    What a great gift. Especially when she gets homesick, she can wrap herself up in it and think of you all. Great job! I love the colours and different stitches!

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