Switching Yarns in a Tutorial or Finished Project

Mikey's Wool Crochet Hat Pattern
Mikey's Wool Crochet Hat Pattern
Mikey’s Wool Crochet Hat Pattern

Switching Yarns

A crocheter brought to my attention and made an assumption that I must dislike the yarn if I am not using the recommended yarn or colours in a video tutorial or for the final photography of a pattern recommendation. I would like to share why I switch yarns and the purpose for it.

Years ago, I was required to match the yarns and colours to the projects exactly as written and presented by the designer. Some yarns I didn’t have access to easily and this was before we were sponsored for yarn. I loved the pattern but I wondered, what would the project look like if I decided to switch colours or even change the brand completely?

Obviously, we were much smaller and finances were really tight. I didn’t always have the brands on hand to demonstrate and create a duplicate pattern that a designer has done. I was crocheting projects that I could afford and with yarn I had access to.

Daniel and I thought about this further and came up reasons why we should switch brands or colours:

  • A design can be really nice but it may not be hitting people’s interest level too much. The same project done in a different colour gives a crocheter a different perspective of the same project. For many, it awakens creativity to see the possibilities that a pattern can do by just changing the colours.
  • We also switch out the brands frequently for a few reasons.
    • Sometimes we don’t have the brand in stock here at home to run with it. So we switch it to what we have here.
    • Sometimes, we think the project would have a different look or feel if the brand was switched. So we switch it to give a different perspective.
    • While we are given enough yarn to run the tutorials with, the sponsored yarn isn’t a bottomless well of unlimited supply, we are accountable to the yarn we are given and use what are given. AND yes, I do buy some of the yarns you see on the tutorials and finished projects too.

To keep The Crochet Crowd fresh, our sponsorship includes the flexibility of us being able to switch brands and colours within the sponsors product lines. This flexibility is extremely important and gives us unlimited avenues to take a project for yarn types and colours.

So the next time you see me changing brands or colours, it’s not because of a love hate relationship with the prescribed yarn, it’s done intentionally based on what I have here at home and the inspiration we have to showcase the project from a different colour point of view.

Thanks for your question.


  1. Alethia Douglass

    A pattern is just directions. The magic happens when the yarn is chosen. That’s what makes the pattern come alive. All I do is look what size yarn was used then I look in my color collection and ……watch me work!!!!

  2. Cathrin

    You were right on the money Mikey

  3. Donna

    I want to thank you for making the point that it is okay to switch out yarn brands, weight even hook size. Yes, we all cannot afford to purchase certain name brands, I’m sure they are beautiful in quality but all of us have the funds. I believe if you cannot be creative than why bother. I love the tutorials, the point of views, and the ideas on how we can make it our own creations. I applaud you 1000% and will always be there to support “The Crochet Crowd”.

    • Donna

      Don’t have the funds, I apologize for that. I think faster than I can type. Have a Wonderful Day!

      Again, Thank you.

  4. Sam

    Living in Australia I do not always have access to the yarn the pattern calls for & have had to improvise many times with the weight, colour etc but like my dad always says world would be a boring place if we were all exactly the same. Sometimes experimenting with something different can spark your own creativity, I know it does for me.

    Keep rocking the crochet world with your beautiful creations, love reading your posts 🙂

  5. One of the reasons I crochet or knit or sew or weave or………is so that I can get the end result that I want. I have a friend that uses only what the pattern calls for no subs at all. She likes to know exactly what she is going to get. Me I view a pattern as a starting point and was taught to use a sewing pattern or finished garment to make a sweater or other piece of clothing (oh and in the round with no seams). We both love to knit. Everybody needs to fine out what brings them joy and run with it.

  6. I not only use what I have available, I like to change the weight of a yarn for shawls and afghans. Beware, some pattterns are not meant for different weights.

  7. Gabriele Pike

    In my projects i use different Yarns a lot because i cannot always afford what is supposed to be used . Comes out just fine.

  8. Erica Sutton

    Thank you for sharing your prospective. I like the fact that you show us that just because a pattern calls for a certain brand or type of yarn that we can use our own creativity. I can’t get the Bernet yarns unless I order online and I would prefer to touch and handle the yarns that I purchase. Others may not feel the same but that’s me. Much love and respect to you all. ?❤️

  9. Mrs. Lovington

    I don’t really see why it should matter one way or another which yarn you use. Different things work for different people. Always have and always will. By using a different yarn you are also sending the message that it’s OK to use what works for you. Choose a color that matches your décor or that of the intended recipient if it’s a gift…

    Nothing wrong with it in any way.

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