The Crochet Cruise Final Voyage 2022

The Crochet Cruises Final Voyage
The Crochet Cruises Final Voyage
The Crochet Cruises Final Voyage

Retiring the Crochet Cruises in 2022

The Crochet Cruises hosted an event produced by The Crochet Crowd will retire in 2022 with our Final Voyage.

By 2022, our final voyage will be Cruise #20 / #21. We wanted to hit 20 cruises and mark that off our list for something amazing we have accomplished.

A Quick Look Back

Without the Crochet Cruises, many people on my team and within our volunteer teams are people I would have never met in my life’s journey. These people, including the passengers who have continually sailed with us over the years, have enriched our lives beyond measure.

We have laughed together, cried together and celebrated the wonderful world of crochet on board the cruise ships since 2014.

Final Voyage

The final voyage will be our last conference-type program onboard the cruise ships. It will be the last time we ship skids and skids and skids of yarn to the ships.

The Next Generation Event to Come

We have a plan to morph and evolve to the next generation of events for our company. Trying something new. It may involve cruise ships or official landlocked locations. We are subtitling it as “Travel with The Boys” aka Daniel and I. There will not be yarn handed out by the boxes on the ship, there will not be any official workshops.

You bring your own yarn and your own ideas. This concept allows us to travel to locations where it is difficult to ship the yarn in advance. Incorporate activities with downtime involving the crochet community.

It may involve locations here in Canada or in the USA or even in Europe. We love Europe as a go-to destination for touring for Daniel and I. An event where you are not tied to an event schedule of a conference or crocheting with yarn you don’t prefer. It could be places like Ireland or even cruising the Mediterranian through Italy, Barcelona, Greece and more.

We did our first Team Cruise back in 2018 and with having no structured classroom time, it was one of the best cruises for really getting to know each other. Man, I got a lot of crocheting done.

With an activity fee, we can plan events dedicated to our groups such as conference or meeting place rentals to allow us the space to hook out and cab. With optional extra tours where busing and more can be arranged to move our party.

Overview of a Crochet Cruise


  1. Jennifer Cochran

    I would love to be part of the cruise. Hw much does it cost and are yall coming to New Orleans?

    • All of the cruises are booked thru our agent, Sherry. Here is a link to her site and she can tell you all the pricing options. We were in NOLA 2 years ago.
      Cruise Planners

  2. Ginni

    I’m clicking on the VIP Mailing List link and receiving an error. Can you check to see if the link is working? (I’m assuming 2022 is still a go?)

    • Mikey

      We just cancelled our mailing list service as it was a lot of money and we are working our way through budget cutting. Thanks for the reminder that I need to remove this. I’m sorry.

  3. annec

    Just one question, I have mobility problems. As I am in the UK and would have to get flights to meet the ship (no problem) would it be suitable for me with a mobility scooter? Also I would have an assistance dog with me.

    Many thanks

    • Mikey

      Annec, just contact our agent. We have scooters and even service dogs coming with our group usually. Sherry can hook you up with details.

      Here’s the contact page for Sherry. Those specific questions can be answered by her directly as she can assist you with your needs.

  4. I am terested in your 2022 final cruise please send info and put me and friend (2) people on the wait list thanks

    • if you click on the blue info button, it will take you to where you can enter your info to be added to the info list.

  5. mary anna cook

    I hope that whatever the plans are for after the cruises y’all make it back to New Olreans.

  6. Patti Faurie

    I would like the cruise info to book early.

    • click “VIP Mailing List” in the blog, any info that comes out will then be emailed to you

  7. Carol Short

    I just found out about these Crochet Cruise’s today. Sounds great to me! Please add me to your email list.

  8. Debra Yampiro

    I am interested in the final cruise information.

      • J. Hall

        Would out please add me to the listfor the

  9. Claire Kennedy

    Please sign me up for the final cruise

  10. Neva Richey

    Please put me on the list for the final cruise. I’m working with Sherry on taking the Alaskan cruise. I’m so sorry you are retiring the cruises as I just found them. Many thanks, Necs

    • Mikey

      Hey Neva, there’s a sign up form attached to this article. You can easily do that and retain control of your email address. We cannot enter in your name due to CASL restrictions. 😀

    • María Pazos

      Please put me down for the 2022 b2b cruise. Thank you

    • Mariaelena Rayburn

      [email protected]
      Please place me on your mailing list and let me know about your cruise. I need to go.!!!!!
      Thank you ?

      • Tracy

        Love to go in 2020 cruise gives me time to save $$$$ .


    Add me to the mailing list please.

  12. Erena Mills

    Please put me on the list for Crochet Cruise.i would like to have more informations about. I am so sorry you retiring Crochet Cruise.

  13. Tracy

    I think it would be fun to hang out with ppl that know I crochet…. hubs thinks I knit lol

  14. Claudia Fiest

    Please put me on your email for cruises.

  15. Lisa

    Please let me know when ANY of your cruises happen please & thank-you.

  16. Kelsey Hernandez

    Interested in the final 2 cruises in 2022

  17. Chris Froess

    Sign me up for the cruise updates.

    • Mikey

      There is a link to self sign up on this article. 😀

      • Maria Pazos

        Please add me to your list thanks

      • Mikey

        There is a sign up section on this article. You can just use the form and it will sign up for you. Due to CASL restrictions, we cannot enter in your email to an email list without having to verify and have prove you submitted. It’s easier if you do it, therefore, you can remove yourself at anytime. 😀

  18. Karen Stevenson

    Interested in the upcoming cruises

  19. Debbie Corona

    It would be a dream come true I would like more information and pricing and I love watching your show Mikey you are the best of the best
    Debbie Corona

  20. Elizabeth Rager

    Looking forward to the cruise.

  21. Lisa acuna

    Please notify me of the crochet cruises

  22. Dianne Adams

    Can I know how much previous cruises have been so I have a ballpark idea what it will cost?
    I am a bit confused. Is there one more cruise where there is yarn given out or do you have to bring your own yarn on the remaining cruises?

  23. Barbara Patton

    Add me to your mailing list.

  24. Linda E

    Interested in “Travel with the Boys ” once the destinations are posted.

  25. Kathy White

    I was there for the first one. I want a chance at the last one.

  26. Leslie J

    I can’t imagine the logistics of planning a cruise involving crochet. I can see why you would want to change this up to something else. I just wish I would have had an opportunity to participate.

    Good for you for deciding to make it a little easier on yourselves.


    “honk out and cab”?? 🙂 . LOVE this new concept, guys!!

    Claudia Garren (Western Carribean ’18 – I think!)

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