Crochet C2C Square Pattern

Crochet C2C Striped Square. Tutorial included for basic C2C Squares and Written Pattern Here.
Crochet C2C Striped Square
Crochet C2C Striped Square

Crochet Corners to Corner (C2C) Squares

These 22″ x 22″ Corner to Corner Squares are designed to go together with other Corner to Corner Squares you make.

For Caron Cakes or Bernat POP!, you will use 227 yards in the square itself plus a bit of white to create the border.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet C2C Striped Square

You can do solid colour C2C’s.

This sizing matches other C2C Squares Designed to Compliment this size. Patterns will be released as they are ready. These will be clickable as the PDF of the graphs are released.

Yarn & Hook Suggestion

  • For charity work use only 100% Acrylic Yarn.
  • Suggestions such as Caron One Pound, Caron Simply Soft, Bernat Super Value and etc.
  • 5.5 mm or I Hook.
  • For Crochet Cruisers only, please follow our suggested yarn and hook size so you match each other on the cruise.

C2C Square Sizes

  • 26 boxes wide by 26 boxes high.
  • 20.5″ x 20.5″ without border
  • With optional 2 rounds of border, squares are 22″ x 22″


From the beginning of learning to do corner to corner.

How to Decrease

How to Decrease, Video Tutorial is timed to start at the decreasing section.

Border is not filmed for this example at this time.

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