Crochet C2C Perdido Baby Blanket Pattern

Perdido Baby Blanket - Corner to Corner Style
Perdido Baby Blanket -
Perdido Baby Blanket – Corner to Corner Style

Corner to Corner Blanket

The Perdido Baby Blanket uses the corner to corner stitching technique. What is different about this one is that there are multiples of a completed corner to corner squares using strategic colours to be joined together to give a diamond or quilted looking design.

There is a combination of 36 corner to corner squares that make up this nearly 40″ afghan square. Once the squares put together, there is a nicely done border to surround it.

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Perdido Baby Blanket Pattern

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If you are looking to go beyond 1 major corner to corner square and spruce up your design with abstract colours, this may be up your alley.

See a tutorial very similar to this technique.

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  1. debbie Piro

    hi, i have made a few c2c’s now and love them. love watching your tutorials too Mickey, you teach well. However, when i do my c2c’s my 2nd half never finishes with the same amount of rows as i started. i’ve been doing 4 rows of each colour but at the end i only get 2 or 3 rows…please what am i doing wrong. is there a trick at the middle that i have missed.

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