JOANN Stitch Along Spring 2020 Pattern

JOANN Spring Stitch Along Crochet Mosaic Blanket
JOANN Spring Stitch Along: Woven Mosaic Blanket
JOANN Spring Stitch Along Woven Mosaic Blanket

JOANN Stitch Along Spring 2020

This crochet blanket is called the Woven Pattern Mosaic Crochet Blanket designed by Erin Black for Yarnspirations.

It is a crochet stitch sampler and one of Erin’s strengths is overlays and building patterns by having colours jump in front or behind stitches to form the shapes.

The blanket is 50″ wide x 61″ long.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Woven Mosaic Blanket

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  4. Crochet Mosaic Greek Key Blanket Pattern
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JOANN Spring Stitch Along: Woven Mosaic Blanket
JOANN Spring Stitch Along Woven Mosaic Blanket

More About the Stitch Along Blanket

The blanket has been made in 4 different colourways and is designed to challenge you. It is an intermediate level project with tutorials to help you along the path. Extra attention by the designer has been added to the pattern for visuals and further understanding. This is truly an opportunity for easy level crocheters to advance up a notch in skills.

For myself, I used Version 4 as I have cats and the gray and purple matched my decor but also hides the hair of the cats well. The blanket takes the following yarn quantities to make it work:

  1. 3 Balls – Caron One Pound Main Colour, 2436 yards
  2. 2 Balls – Caron One Pound Contrast A (Secondary Colour), 1624 yards
  3. 1 Ball – Caron Jumbo Contrast B (Peek A Boo Colour), 595 yards

You can click the picture below to save it or even print it to take it shopping with you. Some of the colours are exclusive to JOANN, so you will only find them through their website or in select JOANN Retail Stores.

I have provided the combined yardage for each colour above for your convenience.

JOANN Spring Stitch Along: Woven Mosaic Blanket
JOANN Spring Stitch Along: Woven Mosaic Blanket
The Crochet Crowd Gallery
The Crochet Crowd Gallery: JOANN Stitch Along

Shopping List

You may also have this yarn in stock.

JOANN Spring Stitch Along Shopping List
JOANN Spring Stitch Along Shopping List. Click this picture to download or print.

Video Introduction

Videos are closed captioned by our CC Team, Diane and Nancy.

There were many requests that came in for the Stitch Along to have challenging concepts and Yarnspirations delivered such a beast. I truly believe this is one of those projects where you may have the opportunity to self-celebrate your own skillset building in real-time. I think we will see people expressing happiness when the afghan starts coming together.

How the Tutorials will Work

Each week, starting Monday, March 23, 2020, there will be a new section of the blanket.

The blanket starts at the bottom and goes up. Week 1 will cover the first three sections. Week 2 is the Chevron Chain in the middle. Week 3 is the last 3 sections and finally, week 4 is the edging and fringe.

Crochet Woven Blanket Layout
Crochet Woven Blanket Layout

Week 1 – March 23

Week 2 – March 30

Week 3 – April 6

Week 4 – April 13

Example of Erin’s Designs

Erin designed the Crochet Buffalo Plaid Blanket back for the Canada 150th Birthday. The concept for this particular crochet blanket is simple, yet looks complicated.

Free Pattern: Buffalo Plaid Blanket

More About the Stitch Along Blanket

  • It’s not a motif-based project. It’s a one-piece afghan.
  • The afghan is a rectangle.
  • We have figured out the stitch multiple in the event crocheters want to change the size. However, the yarn difference is up to the crocheter to figure out.
  • As always, the pattern includes written instructions, diagrams and my video tutorials to follow it up.
  • The afghan is gift-worthy.
  • Once you see the pattern unfolding, the project will reveal its secrets.

There will not be any giveaways associated with this stitch along. You will have free choice on how you do your afghan in being able to add more stitches, subtract stitches, it would be too hard to regulate a minimum standard for prizing. It’s a great afghan as it is, I have learned a lot and ultimately that is the prize.

Crochet Stitches to Learn

In the crochet mosaic concept, you will be able to learn these stitches and use them in more projects in the future.

  1. Stacked Blocks Mosaic
  2. Zig Zag Mosaic
  3. Offset Mosaic
  4. Chevron Chain Mosaic
  5. Standing Tiles Mosaic

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  1. Susan

    Are there written instructions for this project?

    • The blue lettering of the name in the first paragraph is a link that leads directly to the written directions. There is a blue button that says “pattern” that will take you to a screen to download the pattern also. Hope that helps

  2. Theresa Pelea Alier

    Hello Mikey!

    I am loving this blanket and really love that you are challenging me to learn new skills. I am sooooo very thankful!!! I did not care for one of the contrasting colors that I chose (not matching up) and had to order online. I started my blanket last Thursday (April 16), evening and have started on Week 2. To prepare myself mentally, I printed and laminated the patterns and watched your weekly videos so I could see the instructions and see if I could handle the new skills and found it to be quite easy to follow! I love the graphs too!!

    Now I want to make a couple of these blankets to give as gifts. Thank you for teaching me how to make this beautiful blanket and your website that allows others to share their progress, there is so many very talented and creative people and it is so nice to see all kinds of color combinations. You are truly a wonderful teacher. I tried to learn to crochet when I was young and family member refused to teach me because I was left-handed, she taught my sister but I really wanted to learn. So when I was 19 years old, a friend of mine was showing all the beautiful things she had made, so I told her she was going to teach me. I tried to follow left-handed but too difficult, I decided to learn right-handed, it took a while to get the hang of it but I love it. Thank you for being thoughtful to all the left-handed crocheters that want to learn, you are the best to include all! 🙂

    • I’m a lefty too, it was a struggle when I was first learning, but once it clicked it really clicked!

      • Stacy

        I am a lefty also! I find it easiest to learn when sitting across from a right handed crocheter. Luckily, my grandmother taught me when I was very little! 😁

  3. Kristin

    Coming late to the party but working my way through week one! The videos are fantastic. I’m normally don’t like following videos but these are so well done. Thank you!

  4. Corinne McCallum

    Where do I access the written pattern for weeks 3 and 4?
    Sorry, not seeing it.

    • Mikey

      Oh JOANN, if you look just below where the magnifying glass is, you will see an arrow pointing to the right… click it and it will change the week number for you. It feels like you should click the magnifying glass but you don’t. Trust me, it’s not user friendly but it’s all we have to work with.

    • Theresa Pelela Alier

      It is where you downloaded the pattern for Week 1. There is all the other weeks, you just click on the Week 2, 3 or 4 at the top. I didn’t see it at first.

  5. Lisa Harvey

    Good Afternoon – Will you be posting the final product? I enjoy seeing the variations. Thanks

    • I’m not sure I understand, there have been quite a few finished throws posted, do you mean in an album?

      • Lisa

        Yes. Usually at the end of a project we mail a photo in and they are posted online. Is there somewhere else to view them? Thanks

      • yes I believe Jeanne is going to be putting together an album. There isn’t one as of yet thought

    • María de la luz

      Hola Mikey: te felicito me encanta lo que tú haces, lamento no poder hacer todos los tejidos debido que el inglés no lo entiendo y tengo que estar pidiendo ayuda, me gustaría que hicieras subtitulado en español, desde que te descubrí para mí el crochet a sido mi mejor terapia para soportar el encierro , debido a la pandemia, a la distancia desde Chile te envío todo mí afecto y agradecimiento.

      • Mikey

        Por la noche, los videos tutoriales se pueden traducir al español. Solo tiene que cambiar el idioma en el reproductor y el subtítulo cambiará por usted.

        En cuanto a escribir patrones en español, no tengo el conocimiento del idioma para hacerlo. Estoy usando Google Translate para entender lo que dijiste y estoy escribiendo en inglés y dejo que Google traduzca. No sé qué tan exacto es. Lo siento.


  6. Hayley

    Please show all the colourways and their colours next time.

    • Their just suggestions, you’re free to use any colour that appeals to you.

    • I am almost done with week 2. I ordered the Caron yarn from Joann online. I looked at their color choices and chose the colors that I liked. Mine is off white, a dark blue/teal, and a variegated that I already had. It is beautiful, however it is heavy. I am planning on doing another one with a softer, somewhat lighter yarn. I would like some direction on how to make adjustments to accommodate this.

      • depending on if you are a tight crocheter or a loose one, you could adjust your hook size, although it may not be necessary. Keep in mind as I have painfully learned, if you do go with a smaller hook it will work up in a smaller size

  7. Joanne wells

    Thinking that I now have time to make your SAL. Wondering if the pattern and The videos will stay online for me to print them later

  8. lisa

    how in the world do I sign up to receive emails from you at another email address?? I am currently receiving them at my gmail email address, but would like to sign up to receive them at a different email address, how/where do I go to do that???? TY

    • The emails that you are getting are likely the email you used to signup with, for example, if you signed up to Joanne anything related to there is being sent to the address you signed up there to. Anything Facebook-related is being sent to the address you have set up for Facebook. Yarnspirations same idea. I hope that helps

  9. Shirley Ann DeAngelis

    Finished week one and loving the results! Enjoy learning new crochet skills. Mikey is the best!
    Thank you for this stitch along. I am doing the version in dark gray, off white and Dalmatian.

  10. deb

    So excited. The video and instructions make it so easy. Love the charts.

  11. Kathy Rice

    I just happened onto this site today – your actual start-up day- but would love to join your group. Is it too late to order the yard and hook needed that includes shipping time? Of course with the virus epidemic I cannot go to the local store. Please answer ASAP as I would love to catch up if all this is possible. I think this is an awesome idea. I am a 75 year old widows-home alone. Thank you for your time.

    • You can for sure join at any time, the first video was just released, but all videos remain online they don’t get removed.

  12. Linda Johnson

    When I click the link to download the full pattern, I am directed to the page for Clue 1 which is only the part of the pattern for week 1. I’ve tried both links several times and both do the same. I’ve tried different browsers with the same results. Please help! I would like the full pattern.

    • when you are on that page and you see clue one, for the next set click on week 2-4 for the rest of the pattern. (week five is blank)

      • Linda Johnson

        Thank you!

      • helen fobbs

        I did but week 1 comes on all 4 weeks

      • sorry!! that was 100% my fault, instead of clicking on the week, you click on the > symbol it takes you to the next week. Try that you’ll have better luck, sorry again for the confusion.

  13. Mickey Lynch

    Yayyy…got my yarn! 50% off at my local Joanne’s. Can’t wait to get started on this beautiful blanket.

  14. Tracy

    I’m in Toronto and am having a heck of a time trying to get my yarn for this project. “Canal” colour does not exist, so I thought I would try my own combination. Found a beautiful variegated Caron Jumbo Calming yarn called Lily Pad, which I can’t find anywhere to ship to Canada. Too bad because I really like it with a faded denim and yellow. Such frustration before this even starts! Any suggestions? Would Red Heart be any better?

    • I’m in Canada as well, I asked a few people what colour they thought Canal was, most had no real clue. Red Heart would work for this they are fairly close in weight, as would the Bernat Premium, I don’t know that it would have that colour, mostly because I’m still not sure what it is.

    • Jacqueline Muto

      The Caron One Pound Canal is a blue grey color Joann’s has it and yarnspirations should as well.

      • Joyce

        I can’t find the link to download & print week of the spring mosaic cal. Please help. Thanks

      • If you click on the blue pattern button, it takes you to the Joann page, you will see when you scroll down a tiny bit where it says “Download Pattern” under where it says week 1, you click on each week do download that wee’s pattern.

  15. Robin

    Can’t wait! I’m going o be a couple of weeks last being started though I forgot this was starting the 23rd and diet Dave enough “fun” money out away to buy the yarn. Now I have to wait until I get my disability check April 3. Bummer, guess I’ll just have to work extra hard to catch up.

  16. siyasiya

    Haha, Mikey, please ignore my earlier comment. I just realized why the videos are dead links. Because it’s a CAL, silly me!

  17. siyasiya

    Hi Mikey, this looks like lots of fun! But the videos are dead links, they seem to be private videos 🙁

    • Jodie

      I think the first will be live on March 23rd.

  18. Alaina

    What colors are the yarn that was used in the blanket for the photo? Is it one of the versions listed on the sheet?

    • I’m not sure what photo you are seeing Mikey said he used Purple and Grey (Version 4) but I’m seeing different colours when I look I’m seeing White and Turquoise

      • Mary

        so excited to do this

      • same here, it’s completely different from anything I have tried so far, photos really don’t do it justice it’s very pretty

    • TJ

      Version #1 is the color in the pictured blanket.

      • Alaina

        Thanks. I think I was too late in buying my yarn I can’t find any contrast A or B of version 1 anywhere

      • the colours listed are just a suggestion, you have the creative freedom to pick any colours you like, you also don’t have to stick to Caron One Pound. Bernat Premium is a really nice yarn, Red Heart has some pretty colours as well. All kinds of fun options out there.

      • Alaina

        I happen to really like the colors of the photo and would like to be able to purchase them. I’m bad at picking colors so I appreciate when it’s figured out for me.

      • Ah gotcha, hopefully, your able to find the yarn you are looking for, or at least match it as close as possible.

  19. Angela

    I think I shall do option 4, too 🙂
    The shades of grey does not “WOW” me, and I can’t seem to find “Canal” or “Coral Rose” on Yarnspirations’ or JoAnn’s websites. (“Coral” is on JoAnn’s page, but not “Coral Rose”)

    • Misty

      I’m having the same trouble. Cant find coral rose anywhere online.

      • I believe it’s a Joann exclusive yarn, Bernat Premium had a colour somewhat close at a Walmart I was in recently you could try looking at that yarn.

  20. Cindy

    Can’t wait! I did the SOPE last summer and loved it. Do we know what the supplies are yet?

    • If you joined the Facebook group you will get notifications as soon as their available. 🙂

    • Valerie J Tarbart

      Waiting too!! Wanna get them in plenty of time

  21. Kelly

    Oh perhaps something to get me out of my major funk and depression.

  22. karin mcconnell

    Are there any stitch alongs that are suitable for beginners

    • Mikey

      Like right from scratch of not knowing how to hold a hook? Can you tell me what you are looking for specifically. Most of the Stitch Alongs are about pushing beyond the regular stitches for educational purposes.

  23. Lisa

    Can i sign up for a reminder when the stitch along begins? I missed the last stitch along.

    • Mikey

      I think March 9th the sign ups will start. 🙂 Michael

    • Susan Barfield

      When will the yarn be announced.

      • If you joined the Facebook group you will get notifications as soon as their available. 🙂

  24. Charlotte Sapp

    Can you give us a hint as to what yarn you are going to use? Joann’s has a terrific yarn sale going on and it would be nice to be able to purchase the yarn now.

    • Mikey

      I’m not allowed to yet. I’m sorry.

  25. Donna Kranz

    I am very excited to know we have another CAL coming our way. Thank you!

  26. Katherine Fowler

    If it’s 3 colors csn I pick 3 and buy the yarn ahead, I’m disabled so I have to order it. Thanks

    • Mikey

      There will be an announcement in late February for the yarns and etc. Many people order their yarn in advance. It will about 2 weeks prior to the launch. The tutorials and patterns will be up indefinitely as well. So there’s lots of time still. I’m not allowed to share specific information yet due to confidentiality that I have in place. I’m sorry.

      • Brigitte

        I have to buy my yarn internationally and wait for it to arrive in New Zealand. If you have the opportunity to release details a little earlier I would be most grateful.

      • Mikey

        Understood and completely understand. I am not allowed to yet due to the confidentiality agreement that is in place. I’m sorry.

  27. Liz Kostel

    So curious. So excited to get more info. Yay.

  28. Pamela Botha

    Cant wait to get started

  29. I’ve never done a CAL or SAL in my life!!! I’ve been crouching since I was 9 yrs old, and am 77 now!!
    I’ve learned so much “new” crochet stitches and patterns from you Mickey, and have even taught myself how to follow a graph pattern or two. Most are so small, my old eyes can not see the “stitches” well enough to try them.
    I hope to be able to do this SAL when it comes out. March 23rd is my daughter’s birthday!!! I hope to give it to her as a belated present!!!#

    • Peggy

      I love this comment as I am getting older, too, so I understand about the eyes not seeing as well as they once did. 🙂 You must be a great crocheter if you’ve been doing it that long. Sadly, I have not ~ but I learned everything I needed to know from Mikey and am getting better all the time. I’d say I’m intermediate now. Thanks, Mikey. 😉 I think you will really enjoy this, Marti. I’ve only done a couple of CALS before but loved them. Nice to meet you!

  30. Vera

    When are going start ? Can’t wait.

  31. aracely

    I can’t wait!! You’ve taught me so much already. Thank you!!


    I’ve never attempted the stitch along. This one being a rectangle has me interested in joining in.
    Love watching you & reading your FB posting. This 72 year old woman loves following you and your amazing talent

  33. Susan Howard

    You are a true inspiration Mikey, the world is a better place for it! I’ve learned so much from all your hard work and have strived to be a better all around person because of it. You are the best! ?

  34. Jessica

    I’m excited! I’ve never participated but I have watched from the sidelines. This teaser has me thinking I MIGHT be able to be good enough to follow along! I can do rows! Lol

  35. Brenda

    Love you Mikey
    When I had my stroke in 2016 your videos and my dear friend helped me with ceoching cause I couldn’t remember how to do the basic stitches so Thank You

  36. Sheila Pitts

    Exciting times..Can’t wait to see and so glad it’s rectangle and row by row. I don’t like having to put things together, but that’s just my personal quirk.

    Have fun filming.

  37. Vanessa

    OMG! Cannot wait!!! This is a horrible 2 month teaser, Mikey!!! I’m so excited to join in on this stitch along!!!

  38. Laura

    Will not quite beginners be able to do it?

    • Mikey

      It is challenging… I think most people who have patience can do it… It depends on the person and their frustration level. It is an intermediate project for sure.

  39. Leslie Bachman

    Three words: BRING.IT.ON !!

  40. Deb Carlson

    March 23rd is marked on my calendar! I did 3 of your 4 crochet alongs last year and gave them as gifts. They all turned out beautifully.

  41. Donna Keller

    Excited about this. How many colors and yards of yarn will be needed?

    • Mikey

      3 colours… yards and yarn are not being released yet. 😀

      • Genny Salazar

        Oh come on. Can you say it’s Caron at least?

      • Mikey

        I cannot. I am bound by confidentiality. I cannot confirm or deny. I’m sorry.

  42. Tricia M Manns

    I’ve never done a stitch along project, but this one sounds like a lot of fun. Can’t wait!

    • Sue Richards

      Me too might be interested.. what do I have to do..

  43. Angel

    Super excited Mikey! I learn so much from you, and I owe all my skills to you! I can’t wait!

  44. Sandra galvan

    Me encantan sus tutoriales

  45. Teresa

    Looking for a short call 4 weeks great that Flora Afghan wore me out over the months

    • Tricia

      Hi Mikey!
      So I know you go through a lot of work to put together the stitch alongs. I so can not wait to get started!
      With the COVID-19 and all of us quarantining in place, I was wondering if the stitch along pattern might be able to get released earlier before the video?
      Just really want something to do so I am not focusing on this horrible pandemic.
      I am probably not the only one who is wanting to break ground on this gorgeous afghan.
      Thank you so much for all you do!
      Happy Crocheting!

      • Unfortunately because of all the channels, all patterns and SAL’s have to go through it can’t be released ahead of time. By the time it got approval, it would be its scheduled time to release anyhow.

  46. Debbie Delisle

    Looking forward to it

    • Virginia Gallegos

      Sounds like a plan!

  47. Gail

    Haven’t tried a crochet along before but this intrigued me. I’ll be watching for this one. Also really enjoy this great group.

    • Yjuania Baskerville

      Please tell us how to join. I bought all the materials for a CAL last year but I didn’t participate. This time I am in and I hope to use some of the yarn I bought last year.

      • Mikey

        Just follow along here… We will have details closer to the launch date.

      • Kathy

        I’m excited for this next new project. Just had surgery for a new finger joint today. I should be ready to go by March.

    • Debbie

      Hi how do I sign up?

      • Mikey

        There may be a sign up and launched at the end of February. It’s not required to sign up. 😀

  48. Vicki

    sounds interesting and not like that hideous disaster in 2015

    • Mikey

      yeah that yarn supply was a disaster. I will never forget that. Seems you haven’t either. 😀

      • Deborah Cummings

        Can’t wait

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