Crochet Mosaic Greek Key Blanket Pattern

Crochet Greek Key Blanket
Crochet Greek Key Blanket
Crochet Greek Key Blanket

Crochet Mosaic Greek Key Pattern

Crochet the Greek Key using Crochet Mosaic concepts. This is the Crochet Mosaic Greek Key Blanket.

It’s an easy 6 stitch repeat going across. You could even use this concept for doing edges of an afghan as well.

The multiple to start a new blanket is 6 + 4. The number of chains is missing to start this blanket on the pattern but I have guessed it to be Chain 130.

If you are wanting to add this to an existing project, make sure the multiples are 6 + 3. The reason for the difference is that you need an extra chain when starting this from scratch as the 1st chain is considered the turning chain.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Mosaic Greek Key Blanket.

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If you would like the worksheet that is shown in the tutorial, you can download it here or click on the picture to get it.

Crochet Greek Key Worksheet
Crochet Greek Key Worksheet. Click on this picture to download my worksheet.


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  1. Ann

    Thank you. As suggestion Mikey slow down, as you talk very fast, and perhaps zoom in on your working stitch.

    Thanks again for the pattern and information 🙂

    • Mikey

      Noted. My speed is always an issue in the tutorial work. I can’t seem to get it right. I talk to you as if you are my friend beside me but not necessarily the right speed for online teaching. I’m sorry about that.

      • Maggie

        When the speed is too fast for me, I change the speed on YouTube so it plays at 75 or even 50% so I can easily follow along. That way I adjust it to a speed that works for me and you can be your own Fabulous Self, Mikey. Thanks for all that you do!!!

  2. Lynne Borle

    Is there a diagram for the Greek Key, or just a chart?

    • Mikey

      Stand by… I don’t know which pattern this is… Let me see what Yarnspirations provided. Give me a moment.

    • Mikey

      Yarnspirations, which this was an old Red Heart Pattern, doesn’t come with a chart or diagram. However, I think during the video I made a rough chart for myself to follow. I usually use scrap paper and throw it out afterwards. This case I provided a worksheet I made for myself. Drawing diagrams for mosaic is more difficult than you may imagine. I find it boggles my mind whether it’s right or not.

  3. Uzma Khan

    Hi, how much yarn is needed in the complete project?It is not mentioned anywhere.

    • Mikey

      Pattern stated the following: RED HEART® Soft™: 4 skeins each 9518 Teal A and 1882 Toast C; 3 skeins each 4601 Off White B and 4412
      Grass Green D.

      Hopefully this helps. Michael

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