Crochet Blue Afghan Pattern

Crochet Blue Granny Afghan for Beginners
Crochet Blue Granny Afghan for Beginners
Crochet Blue Granny Afghan for Beginners

Crochet Blue Afghan

This is a terrific introductory tutorial for beginners called the Blue Afghan by Yarnspirations.

This is a rectangular granny square. In the tutorial, I demonstrate quickly a crochet diagram to show beginners on what is happening in the center of the blanket. This works from the center outward. Once you get beyond the center, the rest of the afghan is easy to maintain.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Blue Afghan

The stripes consist of 2 rounds being the same colour. For new crocheters, 1 round of a different colour doesn’t look as nearly as sharp. However, you are the creator, do what makes sense for you.

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Enjoy this free beginner pattern and tutorial that is designed to help you. Welcome to crochet!


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    1. Christa Causby

      If I wanted to use a super chunky yarn and an 11.5mm hook how would I adapt this pattern to accommodate the change in yarn and hook size

      • Mikey

        I believe you have emailed. I will have to circle back to that email when there is more time. We are having a storm here in the Maritimes tonight and I am going to log out. I will try to circle back in the next week or so. I’m over my head in requests for details. I would probably go to Ravelry and see if anyone has a blanket in #6 weight yarn for granny afghan to see what their starting chain counts are. I don’t have a formula to figure that out unless Yarnspirations did an afghan like that with Bernat Blanket yarn, which is possible but I don’t know off the top of my head.

        • Christa Causby

          Thank you I greatly appreciated your time, stay safe and warm

    2. JoAnn Trenary

      No Blue Button


      no blue button

    4. Erin Tsosie

      To modify the size is it multiple 4 + 3?

      • James Tinsley

        To modify size it’s Multiple of 2 +1.

    5. Beverly T

      You say there are slower tutorials I am trying to make afghan using one strand.Cant find slower tutorials for this afghan. HELP ME FIND THE TUTORIAL!!

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