Crochet In Love with Colour Throw Pattern

Crochet In Love With Colour Afghan
Crochet In Love With Colour Afghan
Crochet In Love With Colour Afghan

In Love with Color

Another favourite afghan of mine for 2014 was the In Love with Color Afghan. I’m a fan of scrap-ghan concepts where the colours are mixed in ways that are unexpected. I always felt as a kid, my mom’s cut-up clothes made into the quilts were the warmest quilts we ever owned. Designed by Jessie Rayot.

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Free Pattern: Crochet In Love With Colour Afghan

Using Red Heart With Love Yarn, the yarn is a premium acrylic that is so soft. The colours are modern and this afghan has a touch of traditionalism with modern ideas. There is an unexpected 6 granny squares directly in the middle of the afghan that is surrounded by Octagons.

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My version below is the exact same pattern but with a change to the small corner and triangle motifs. I decided to do my small motifs in jet black to make the colours pop out. But I will tell you, I prefer the original Octagon Motif that the designer did over my version. If you look carefully at the designer’s version, you will notice that each motif has white circling the round motifs. I think though the afghan appears to be random in colour, the white being in two rounds at the exact same spot in each motif adds balance.

In my afghan, I have it so it’s randomly completely but I think the white would have been much better for each motif.

I will not deny that there is substantial sewing on this afghan to put it together. I don’t mind sewing but with this afghan, I enjoyed the process as I know there is an incredible afghan at the end that I can enjoy. I think sometimes we hope all projects will be super quick. In this case, it’s a labour of love and I enjoyed the process.

Get the free pattern, it’s called In Love With Color.

In Love with Color Crochet Afghan
Mikey’s Version of In Love with Color Afghan
In Love with Color Crochet Afghan
In Love with Color, Original Afghan – Notice the White Yarn as it circles each motif at the same rounds. I believe this looks far superior.  White rounds of the squares are also in the same rounds for each.

Video Tutorial

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  1. Barbara

    Love the video tutorial of the afghan ‘In Love with Color’. It was a great reference. I just completed all the pieces and now ready to put it all together. Is there more info on this? What color yarn(s) should be used to sew this together?
    Please advise…

  2. Ana

    How do I crochet a New York Jets Blanket

  3. JoAnn Williams

    Bang on would be what I would say. Love your patterns and videos and refer to them a lot! Thanks to you and crew. I would love sometime to be able to go on a cruise with the group of happy hookers…..ahhh, maybe someday when my ship comes in and hopefully I’m not at the airport!

  4. Like the article and pattern. Plan to make one over the winter. Keep up Crochet Crowd. I look forward to it.

  5. I love to crochet. The afghans you post are beautiful. I would love to have patterns . But I don’t have a computer. All I have is my cell. It don’t work only internet. I have so much saved on it. An don’t know how to take the patterns off an print. I had surgery on my ankle . I was couch bound since August 9th 2014. I am now off crutches, no cast, no black boot, shoes are on. I’m walking now. But these are what i made when i couldn’t walk. I was gonna post pictures of the afghans I made. But can’t do it. Don’t know how. Shoot…

    • Diana, your local library should have computers for public use as well as printers so you could make a copy of the afghan pattern. Happy crocheting!

    • Irene

      I really like this colorful afgan. I especially like the border. So pretty and not what I expected to see on an afgan. The border is what I usually think of for a quilt. I love The Crochet Crowd.

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