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Crochet Corner to Corner Afghan
Crochet A Corner to Corner Afghan

Corner to Corner Afghan Project

Corner to Corner Afghans is really popular right now. They are easy to follow and create. What appeals to everyone is the speed at which they can be done. You start off at one point and work diagonally across. When you get to the halfway point and want to start decreasing your rows, you will find yourself speeding up tremendously. It’s like going slow up the hill of a roller coaster and then getting to the top and zipping down the other side.

NEW – Updated Sept 2021 to included Half Double Crochet Patterns for Rectangles, Squares and border. See below. 

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet C2C Afghan Original

On behalf of Red Heart, this video was created to help Red Heart’s followers to be able to do the pattern. This pattern was created by Catherine Watson.

In this project, you will realize your afghan doesn’t have to be square. We immediately think Corner to Corner means square. In the video tutorial, I will show you how to create both square and rectangular versions. I will show you how to change colour without ugly knots as well.

Alternative Corner to Corner Half Double Crochet

You can also half double crochet instead of double crochet for corner to corner. There is a small change to make that happen. Included above are the diagrams for rectangle, square and border.

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Mikey’s Version

In the video, you saw Mikey do an introduction using a Purplish version of this afghan. Remember, Mikey followed the directions as per the original pattern. He opted not to do a border.

  • Mikey used Red Heart Boutique Midnight. 8 balls of Aura and 4 Balls of Moonlight.
  • His afghan measured 44″ square.
  • He used a size of 6.0 mm, Crochet Hook.

In Mikey’s version, he didn’t strategize the stripes. He just changed the colour of the yarn ball at his own whim. Play with this idea with slow transitioning colour yarn like what Mikey did. You may be amazed by how it comes out.

 Red Heart Corner to Corner Square Pattern CornerToCornerSquare

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  1. Vicki V.

    Hi Mikey,
    I am so glad I found you! You make everything so easy to follow. I just finished a sample patch then realized that one side is tighter than the other side. How can I fix that problem? I am glad to find out the issue before I start a project.
    Thank you,

    • Mikey

      if the beginning is a bit looser than the ending rows, it’s normal. Consistency is key but it’s a common issue. If it’s a side to side issue, I’m unsure why that would be happening.

  2. Pam

    No blue button
    Appears that there may be broken links.

  3. when do I start decrease in order to have same color at start and finish ends

  4. Eugenia Read

    I am doing this pattern for the first time and don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before as I do dish cloths all the time. Sooo easy! Using lilac, white and navy yarn. Cutting yarn at end of rows makes edges look neater. Thanks so much for tut…easy to follow along.

  5. Caryn

    Wow, thank you so much for such a clear explanation and visual!! I’m so excited to get started on a new blanket. I’m usually choose knitting over crocheting due to the variety of stitches but this pattern of stitching is fantastic. It will allow me to easily create some very personalized blankets for family….and it won’t take me weeks to complete! Thanks for your hard work!

    • Candace Davila

      Can’t wait

  6. Cortney

    I have read so many patterns for this afghan and could not figure it out. This tutorial was AMAZING! Thank you so much! I am now happily at work on a baby afghan. Thanks again! You really made this easy to follow!

    • Edie Hippern

      I really do not like using dc so if I want to do this all in hdc using five chain instead of six should work. Am I right or would this fool up the 3dc?

  7. I just began crocheting,again, after 35 years! This was the perfect pattern to get me back on my “bike”!! I made a rectangular one for my son, who is currently in the Airforce, in Europe. The directions were so easy for me to understand. I used the video to learn this. Thank you, Mikey!

  8. Lisa

    Hi Mikey i need your help i have orders for 4 c2c blankets, is there a way to figure out how many skein i will need for a certain size? They would like 42 inches x 52 inches. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • I would look for patterns others have done with the Corner to Corner and see what they are prescribing. I would use that as an example for what you think you might need. There is a Corner to Corner Afghan on Red Heart that is similar in size. Look for it and see what they suggest. 😀

    • alyssa

      Make 1 square. Take it out, measure the length it took to make.
      36in = 1 yard.
      So Number of blocks x inches your square was. Then divide by 36. (Check yarn yards) divide by how many yards are in your skein.
      I sometimes buy 1 extra to be safe.
      For example – My c2c is 50 squares by 50 squares. So, 2500 total squares. 2500x17in(yarn length for 1.square) =42500 inches needed. 4500 inches divided by 36 (#of inch in a yard) =1180.5 yards. Then take the amount of yards in 1 yarn that you’re using and divide yard length needed by how many yards in your skein. For example my yarn has 170yards. I need 1180.5 yards. So I will need to buy 7 skeins total.
      I know that sounds complicated so I’ll lay out the formula and you can enter your own numbers.
      Inches Length of yarn to make 1 square x Amount of squares total = Inches needed for entire blanket.

      Total of Inches needed divided by 36= Yards needed to complete blanket.

      Amount of Yards needed divided by Yards in your yarn skein= Amount of skeins needed to make your blanket.

  9. Margaret Lacey

    I did a practice C2C for my dog and it came out more diamond shaped than square. How do I keep this from happening? Do I need to change to a different size hook or is my tension off? I’m wanting to do a throw but I don’t want it misshapen. Please help!

  10. Denise Schroeder

    I can’t figure out the border in this pattern, help!

  11. Michelle Melfi

    Learning this stitch was easy and fun! I can’t wait to see how it turns out with the colors I chose. Thanks Mikey!!!

  12. Thanks Mikey! This was perfect and I’m loving what I’ve got so far!

  13. Mikey, why do you yarn over a different way at the beginning of your double crochets? I was just wondering.

  14. Stacy

    My C2C is flaring out… thoughts on why? tension too loose maybe?

  15. Lyrka

    I’m attempting this C2C for the first time and have never had any experience carrying over yarn and striping. Am I correct in assuming that the best method of color change using Red Heart’s C2C pattern is cutting and weaving in ends instead of carrying the colors, considering some colors may change after more than two rows?

  16. Lori G.

    Thank you! I am using this pattern to make 2 corner to corner afghans for my baby niece and nephew. So excited .

  17. I have been doing this pattern for over 55 yrs, my gram taught it to me. I would like to know how you came about finding it? Judi Kovar on Facebook.

  18. SIR,

  19. Liege Simões

    I have just started mine today. The instructions are very clear and I also loved the tip to change colour. Thank you very, very much! <3

  20. Marylyn Weber

    How can I make the c2c smaller? I need help, please…..thank you

    • Denise

      Just start your decrease row where you want the size to end. If making a rectangular blanket, when the “triangle” gets to be as wide as you want along one straight edge, then start the decrease on that end while continuing the increase on the other. When you get to the length you want on the other straight edge, start the decrease on that end, too. If you are making a square, you would start the decrease on both ends of the same row.

      • Lisa

        I am also wondering how to make a rectangle with this pattern. Would it even look right?

      • Lisa

        Sorry, I just now read what Denise wrote! Thank you. Would love to see a photo of a rectangular c2c to see if I like it.

      • Marian

        I have been wondering this too thanks

  21. Virginia Rappold

    Hi Mikey, I’m making the C2C afghan and I wanted to make it a rectangle, I wanted it to go over the back of the couch and cover me up as I’m sitting and crocheting this winter, my question is how many rows should I do with the increases before I start the decrease? I’m kinda confused about the decrease but I’ll figu it out. Just need your help here I’m 5 feet 6 inches tall so I need to make this big enough to cover my legs and part of my chest, I get very cold all the time….. Please help me. I’ll give you my e-mail address so you could write me back. Thank you very much….. Virginia

  22. Kristen Fenslage

    Do you have a written pattern for the C2C?

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