Crochet Circle Takes the Square Blanket Pattern

Crochet Circle Takes the Square Blanket
Crochet Circle Takes the Square
Crochet Circle Takes the Square

Crochet Circle Takes the Square Blanket

For those who love circles but still love granny squares, this is the Crochet Circle Takes the Square Afghan.

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The pattern is super easy to follow. The round part is only 4 rounds and the 5th round is changed it from a circle to a square. This afghan is just plain fun. It reminds me of a fun game.

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Crochet Circle Takes The Square Pattern

If you need extra help to complete the square, I’m happy to help with the tutorial below.



  1. Caroline Ngaruhe

    I did the first 3 rows as the pattern said then on the second colour I flipped my work so the centre looks like the middle of a sunflower seed and continued with the pattern it seems to pop more.

  2. Dana

    I canโ€™t find the written pattern, so one thought, it would be beneficial if you did a stitch count after each row. I hate getting to the square part and realizing I made a mistake in the circle.

    • I added the blue button that will take you to where the pattern is.

  3. Preet Rai

    Hello, Mikey I love all of your projects n I have also learned alot of from your crochet tutorial . Your designs are beautifull n easy to follow. I love the Solarium Throw (sunflower) I made one for myself,thank you so much for the tutorial. GOD BLESS.

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