Crochet Baby Diamonds C2C Blanket
Crochet Baby Diamonds C2C Blanket
Crochet Baby Diamonds C2C Blanket

Corner to Corner Baby Diamonds Afghans

Go a step further with the crochet corner to corner by expanding your skills to do corner to corner diamond patterns. Incredible to look at, easy to do. I will have a free pattern, notes and video tutorial for you to use.

Firstly, the free pattern is available and it’s called the Baby Diamonds Blanket. It’s on and the instructions are easy to follow along.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Baby Diamonds Baby Blanket

I decided to use James C. Brett Flutterby Chunky instead. Using a size G or 4.5 mm crochet hook. I used three colours to make mine.

  • 3 Balls of Pink Flutterby
  • 4 Balls of Lilac Pink Print Flutterby I used this colour for the border as well.
  • 2 Balls of Lemon Flutterby

Pattern Notes

Flutterby Corner to Corner Square
Make 9 Identical Squares. It’s how they are put together that make the difference.


Diamond Shapes, Crochet Corner to Corner
By placing the matching stripes side by side, you can create the diamond shapes.


Corner to Corner Squares
Crochet Corner to Corner Squares Diagram


Crochet Corner to Corner Afghan
This is how the squares are crocheted.

Free Video Tutorial to Follow

Want the Giraffe Video and Pattern?


18 thoughts on “Crochet Baby Diamonds Blanket Pattern

  1. Love this tutorial. Just need to know how to whip stitch? Would crochet cotton thread suffice in whip Stitching?

  2. Mikey you are the best instructor on the Internet! I am starting this project TONIGHT. But instead I’m going to use RedHeart SuperSaver in the same colors (maybe…keeping the Pink and White, but I may substitute the Yellow with a Mint Green or Turquoise). Making for my new granddaughter who’s coming in July. 🙂

  3. Please do a video for the baby blanket above on how to join them. I did a larger blanket and joined them using the whipstich. I used a single color and it didn’t look right but then, trying to use matching colors almost had be throwing the whole thing away after I made 36 blocks. Please, I am lost!!

    • Am ready to join squares but don’t know how. Could you do a video with written instructions showing what yarn and method you used? Will be very greatful! Thanks for ALL your videos! Refer to them often!

  4. I am delighted with the way my squares are turning out but I am nervous about stitching it together. I know how to whip stitch but do I need to stitch it using matching colours as I go through the striped pattern?

  5. So I have another question. How would changing the hook size to a larger hook size effect it? I’m planning on using a H rather than a G

  6. hi I was wondering if you could make this pattern into an adult blanket. I’m making this for a friend who is expecting but when my best friend saw it, he asked if he could have one

  7. Yes I too would like to know how to whip stitch the blocks together. I am very excited that I have nearly finished the squares, please help with the whipping -lol! Love the video tutorials but need that bit to finish it off please!

  8. I to would like to see how to put the squares together. I almost have all nine squares done. I went to the Red Heart pattern and it says whip stitch with matching yarn. Does that mean we have to use the color to match each row as we join them? Please up us to do this correctly.

  9. Hi, i am really enjoying making this blanket for a friend of mine. =) The only thing i was wondering was: how did you put them all together? Have you made a video with the method?
    I am actually just beginning crochet so your videos are a really great help.

    Thanks from France =)

  10. I love this blanket and I am excited to start it. I plan on making one for my oldest daughter, she is 15. My problem is that she would like it in a larger size. To make a larger size would I make each individual section larger or use make more than 9 squares. Thanks in advance!

    • to make it bigger i would add more squares. as far as sewing it all together, he talks about how and what tread to use to make it seamless. also you could just youtube how to whip stitch and find tutorials. this is a great pattern. i ripped out the baby blanket i was working on (i was about 1/3 through) and started this instead.

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