Crochet School Colour Afghan
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Crochet School Colour Afghan
Crochet School Colour Afghan

8 Crochet School Theme Patterns

Some of us love to support our school or organization’s colours. There’s a sense of pride in showing which school you belong to. Whether it’s wearing a hat, school jacket or even decorating something at home, like a crochet blanket, with special colours.

I have pulled together some ideas for School Theme Crochet Projects.

  1. School Herringbone Blanket (GreenĀ  & Yellow in Pic)
  2. Lily School Teacher Amigurumi Doll
  3. 13 School Ideas including the Pencil Case
  4. 12 Team Spirit Crochet Projects
  5. Rolled Up Pencil Case (Green in Pic)
  6. Crochet School Colors Blanket (Blue and Gold in Pic)
  7. School Spirit Throw (Red and Gray in Pic)
  8. Beginner Well-Schooled Throw

Decorate and play with school ideas! Teach a child to crochet and give them an opportunity to have a lifetime skill.

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