Crochet Lunar Top Pattern

Crochet Lunar Top
Crochet Lunar Top
Crochet Lunar Top

Crochet Lunar Top Pattern

The Crochet Lunar Top is a really easy level, in fact, it could be a beginner level that really is ambitious.

The top is made up of 4 lace looking granny squares that are strategically whip stitched together. It is suggesting to use Red Heart It’s A Wrap Rainbow. I used Sprinkles in the tutorial.

The only stitch in this pattern that may throw a beginner or easy level crocheter is the top edging as it uses double link crochet. Using this yarn for this stitch is a bit challenging. In fact, though I taught using D-Link, I truly did the top edging in half double crochet. I left you a single tutorial below for just the double crochet link as it uses thicker yarn and easier to see.

Remember, it’s your creativity. Improvise where you feel you want to.

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Double Crochet Link Stitch

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  1. Janet

    Seen last week nn s collectoin of payterns…Aroam knit style blabket tol. I did not have a changdcyo pullup the pattern…canbyoh send mectye oink?? Thsnks!

    • Mikey

      It would be on I’m unsure what collection that would be in. I’m sorry.

  2. Katrina Ler

    How do you download the friggin’ pattern? I can’t even get the written pattern to show up. FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!

  3. Corry Helmond

    I saw you do the last panel in your live session on Facebook yesterday ? and now already the tutorial ready! Fast work.
    I followed the tutorial and downloaded the pattern. Clear enough for me. ?
    Just wondered how much yarn you’ve got left of those two balls (by weight – I don’t expect you to measure it LOL). The Red Heart yarn not being available over here, I intend to use a similar yarn that was given to me by my DIL. 100 grams /408 meters (about 3.53oz/446.2 yards), but I wonder if I’ll have enough; I’ve got 3 skeins.
    Thank you so much in advance, stay safe!

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