The Elephant In the Room: 72 Teachable Crafts

72 Teach a Craft Idea
72 Teach a Craft Idea
72 Teach a Craft Idea

Being a step-parent for a short time in my life, I implemented craft night not just for creative development but also for family building.

My mother was such a strong influence on my creative being as a child, that I have taken it with me to adulthood and continued to enjoy the yarn arts.

I thought my mother was brilliant at the craft table, my mother knew us better than we probably realized because crafting creates many things but for her was the gateway to know who we are as kids. The key was to listen and not to react to things that may shock you but talk as a friendship.

As a child, a pregnant pause is dead air space and we felt too compelled to fill it with conversations, including singing songs.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Patterns: 72 Teachable Crafts

At the time, we were involved in organized religion. My mother would write the songs of the church on construction paper. We kids would be working on simple things such as popsicle structures, learning to knit, weaving and using glue with yarn.

I cry when I hear this song because it’s my mother and us at the table, which is the strongest memory I have as a childhood. She was our hero. And if I look up really quickly, I can see her across my desk sitting with me only to realize it’s just a memory. Kids at the school used to make fun of how fat she was, but to me, was my lifeline when I was vulnerable. The craft table was the connection that I will go to the grave believing is one of the most things you can do as a parent with a child. The memories are so thick I can nearly swallow them when I hear this song.

As a step-parent, I wanted to bring that forward because to me, no matter what I could as a parental role, the memories of the craft table were so strong that I wanted the kids to feel the same bond. We popped the popcorn, got out the pop, pulled out the crafts and had craft nights.

I noticed the kids didn’t like silence if I hadn’t been talking or they had stopped. In between the praising of creativity and questioning with them on what would happen if they would try things differently. They would come up with their own ideas and I would look up from my crafts and say something, “that sounds neat, try it!”

The elephant is in the room and you don’t even know it’s there. It’s the connection that is created at the table. 

The kids were sharing with me about their school, friends and I learned so much. One of them was coming home in a mood a lot. We didn’t understand why only to learn during craft night through casual conversation that she was being forced to giveaway her lunch when she was getting onto the school bus. I didn’t react but questioned why would that be happening but if I had reacted in the real-time moment, the follow-up stories that were told gave a more rounded off storyline to assist. So the craft night was the time to interact but more importantly listen. I mean really listen and watch body language. 

Yarnspirations has put together a long round-up of from the basics of crafts to crafts you can do step by step with children and friends. It’s 72 Teachable Crafts.


Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Patterns: 72 Teachable Crafts

My mother used to go to the library to find ideas for us, but in today’s era, it’s at your fingertips. Some of the crafts you will see are pretty big but if you were at my craft table, my mother would have worked with us on steps and times in between the craft table we would have goals to work on.

When I think back, those kids were incredibly cruel and I knew it at the time. If only they would have craft time with my mom. They would have seen her for the person she is, like really seen her. I’m the luckiest person, truly.

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  1. Boppie

    This is the most precious real thing I’ve read today. Thank you for being real and raw with us! I will take your story to heart with my grand kids. I will listen. Love you Mikey!

  2. Angela

    Time together making a craft and talking and praising the Lord Jesus Christ with a loving mother is very precious. Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow. These are maybe the truest lyrics ever sung! Praise The Lord who gave His life to save us from sin!

  3. Rachel

    Such beautiful memories!
    I wish I would have had that growing up! There was little listening going on or understanding. You have truly been blessed with a gift and I’m so thankful you share it with all of us. Your mom is smiling down on you.

  4. Michele Sanders

    This hits me so close to home. I am in your mother’s position being fat and not having the energy and athletics, but still wanting to partake in kid’s activities. Being a single mom of three kids is not an easy task. Money was so tight and trying to keep them entertained and out of trouble was a challenge. My kids are grown now but one thing that we did together was camping. Once we got settled I would pull out the crafts and stay at camp. But in the evenings around the fire, we would have the conversations and I too would listen. My kids and I have a wonderful relationship and they will share and confide in me. They still talk about past camping trips and activities we did. Those memories will last their lifetime and I’m glad I was able to connect with them.

    I know your mother is so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished in your life. You may have struggled growing up but you’ve succeeded in conquering your fears and have become one of the biggest icons in the crocheting industry. I am so proud to be part of your team.

  5. Val M

    Love your transparency ❤️ So many of us struggled to get through life. Then and still now. Thank you for sharing.

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