The Secret Behind the Yarn Ball Bath

The Secret Behind the Yarn Ball Bath

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Mikey Yarn Bath

Mikey Yarn Bath. After broadcast.

Behind the Scenes Secrets Yarn Bath

40 minutes prior to going live with Yarnspirations, I thought randomly as I was sipping my tea, “Wouldn’t it be fun to do something different on camera today?” 

I just got an order in from Yarnspirations and the balls were still in the box. I thought it’s already in a box, I can drag it up to my living space and do a video from the bath. From that, Daniel says, “You can do it, but you have to clean up after yourself!” 

I cleaned the tub and then waited until 10 minutes prior to the broadcast.

Was the bathtub actually full of balls?

The bathtub bottom layers, except where I was sitting was lined with pillows. This would mean there would be fewer yarn balls needed. So the entire tub is not 100% yarn.

How many balls are actually in the tub? 

There were 87 balls of yarn. It’s a large tub.

Was this at a studio?

No, just our home.

Why didn’t you guys remove the ball bands? 

I need to know the barcodes as this is my tutorial and sample yarn. If I remove the labels, I won’t know what the yarn colours are. Truth is, after the photoshoot, the yarn gets re-organized back to its box so I keep all of my yarn in one spot. My yarn is sacred!

Did you load the tub full of yarn first and then get in? 

I didn’t want paper cuts from the ball bands or to ruin the shape of any of the balls by filling the tub first. Once the bottom was lined with pillows, I sat in the tub and Daniel dumped 2 huge boxes of yarn into the tub. It’s why the yarn labels are in every direction and not strategically placed.

How did your hair get wet?

Once I was in, Daniel suggested my hair be wet to go with it more after the tub was loaded. He gave me a cup of water and I dipped my hand inside and ran the water through my hair.

Did the yarn ball actually touch my armpit? 

Absolutely not. Strategic camera angle shows it did but I didn’t. I love my arm too much!

How did the bird come into this?

I thought about Ernie from Sesame Street with his rubber duck. As I was loading up the idea in my head, I passed by Drumstick (my bird) and thought, there’s my bath bird and grabbed him for the shot. He is called the Bird Boss Rooster. The pattern is free.


Free Pattern: Bird Boss Rooster

Final Thoughts

  • The weight of the yarn was heavier than I anticipated. My butt was numb by the end of the broadcast.
  • I am self-conscious about my body. It’s one of the reasons why Daniel and I don’t have any personal pictures up in our home. It’s also the other reason why I don’t do many selfies or readily volunteer myself to have my picture taken with others.
  • When I did get out of the tub after the broadcast, the balls went down in height… Talk about yarn ball displacement!

The truth is, I’ve always wanted to do a photo like this but I wanted the timing to be right.

Mikey Yarn Bath

Mikey Yarn Bath

Mikey Yarn Bath

Mikey Yarn Bath

Mikey Yarn Bath

Mikey Yarn Bath


Mikey Yarn Bath

Mikey Yarn Bath

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