Mikey Yarn Bath
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Mikey Yarn Bath
Mikey Yarn Bath. After broadcast.

Behind the Scenes Secrets Yarn Bath

40 minutes prior to going live with Yarnspirations, I thought randomly as I was sipping my tea, “Wouldn’t it be fun to do something different on camera today?” 

I just got an order in from Yarnspirations and the balls were still in the box. I thought it’s already in a box, I can drag it up to my living space and do a video from the bath. From that, Daniel says, “You can do it, but you have to clean up after yourself!” 

I cleaned the tub and then waited until 10 minutes prior to the broadcast.

Was the bathtub actually full of balls?

The bathtub bottom layers, except where I was sitting was lined with pillows. This would mean there would be fewer yarn balls needed. So the entire tub is not 100% yarn.

How many balls are actually in the tub? 

There were 87 balls of yarn. It’s a large tub.

Was this at a studio?

No, just our home.

Why didn’t you guys remove the ball bands? 

I need to know the barcodes as this is my tutorial and sample yarn. If I remove the labels, I won’t know what the yarn colours are. Truth is, after the photoshoot, the yarn gets re-organized back to its box so I keep all of my yarn in one spot. My yarn is sacred!

Did you load the tub full of yarn first and then get in? 

I didn’t want paper cuts from the ball bands or to ruin the shape of any of the balls by filling the tub first. Once the bottom was lined with pillows, I sat in the tub and Daniel dumped 2 huge boxes of yarn into the tub. It’s why the yarn labels are in every direction and not strategically placed.

How did your hair get wet?

Once I was in, Daniel suggested my hair be wet to go with it more after the tub was loaded. He gave me a cup of water and I dipped my hand inside and ran the water through my hair.

Did the yarn ball actually touch my armpit? 

Absolutely not. Strategic camera angle shows it did but I didn’t. I love my arm too much!

How did the bird come into this?

I thought about Ernie from Sesame Street with his rubber duck. As I was loading up the idea in my head, I passed by Drumstick (my bird) and thought, there’s my bath bird and grabbed him for the shot. He is called the Bird Boss Rooster. The pattern is free.

Free Pattern: Bird Boss Rooster

Final Thoughts

  • The weight of the yarn was heavier than I anticipated. My butt was numb by the end of the broadcast.
  • I am self-conscious about my body. It’s one of the reasons why Daniel and I don’t have any personal pictures up in our home. It’s also the other reason why I don’t do many selfies or readily volunteer myself to have my picture taken with others.
  • When I did get out of the tub after the broadcast, the balls went down in height… Talk about yarn ball displacement!

The truth is, I’ve always wanted to do a photo like this but I wanted the timing to be right.

Mikey Yarn Bath
Mikey Yarn Bath
Mikey Yarn Bath
Mikey Yarn Bath
Mikey Yarn Bath
Mikey Yarn Bath


Mikey Yarn Bath
Mikey Yarn Bath

24 thoughts on “The Secret Behind the Yarn Ball Bath

  1. Mikey,
    I love this, so creative and fun!
    You taught me all I know about crocheting. Ten years ago I did the baby sweater with you on tube. Just last week I did my first dog sweater. You are the best teacher. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank You Mikey, I loved the pictures then I got to see the video. Oh My Gosh… I laughed so hard. You are Amazing in so many ways. When ever I hear of someone who Crochets, your website is the first one that I mention for them to look into. I have learned so much under your tutelage and have stretched myself to try things I normally would never have without your videos and help.
    Thank You for taking the chance and following your dreams. You inspire so many in so many different ways, not just in crochet but to follow your dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem.

    Looking forward to getting to meet you one day.

  3. Watched the replay when I got home. Loved it. Definitely made for a different take on lunch and learn, bath time too. Thanks for a bright spot in my day. Thanks for all your creativity and the gift you give by sharing it with us.

  4. Mikey….you are authentic. You have always been open, honest, warm, and funny and that’s how we like you! I, also, am very self-conscious of my body, but I am 73 now and finally realize that I have missed out on a lot because of it (like public swimming).
    And, my true friends don’t care!! They love me the way I am!! It doesn’t mean that I will be doing any nudies any time soon 🙂
    A cruise with you and Dan is at the top of my bucket list. I love your photos, and I adore you.

  5. Mikey – it was so much fun watching you yesterday in your yarn bath. You are so cute and have such a wonderful sense of humor and you make everything fun. You’re are an inspiration to all of us yarnies. Thanks for a fun morning – keep us smiling!

  6. Love you so much Mikey! You and diva Dan are the best! I hope one day you meet you. I think a day spent with you would be amazing. Lots of laughs and wisdom to be shared. It makes me sad that you aren’t more confident in yourself to take wonderful pictures like these. You look great! Best wishes to you both. Love ya!

  7. This was absolutely hilarious to see and sure brought a lot of smiles to many faces during this dreary winter season.

    One thing, though. Did you mean to say “ARM” in this sentence? I thought maybe you meant YARN?

    Did the yarn ball actually touch my armpit?
    Absolutely not. Strategic camera angle shows it did but I didn’t. I love my ARM too much!

    Either way, good job for bring light and laughter to the crochet world. 🙂

    • I came to this part way in. When I saw it, I busted out laughing! Made my day. Now when I see the pics, I still get a huge grin because I remember how good it felt to laugh like that. You definitely hit the mark with this one. Thank you for the heart lift.

  8. Genius at work! It’s awesome to see you having so much fun and being so spontaneous!!! loved every minute of it 🙂 I see more awesome ideas coming out of your “baths”. Well done Daniel on the camera work.

  9. Like I said when I saw video yesterday I had a good laugh. Really needed as my family us going through some stressful times. You should do more stuff like this

  10. You are a stunner. Great PR move. Fun always to see your broadcasts. Never second guess anything you do for us. So many of us truly need need your positive vibes and well, if life hands you lemons, be a hooker 🙂
    Someday I hope to do one of your group functions.

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