Crochet Granny Triangle Dishcloth Pattern

Crochet Triangle Dishcloth
Crochet Triangle Dishcloth
Crochet Triangle Dishcloth

Crochet a Triangle Granny Dishcloth

Let me show you how to make a simple triangle dishcloth. This dishcloth is just like a granny square but it’s only three sided. The corners are slightly different as the corners must turn more than 90 degrees as it’s a triangle.

Keep in mind that anything for the kitchen in regards to dishcloths or even tea towels, they should be done with cotton yarn. Cotton has the ability to hold up with the wear and tear of a kitchen. It also has the ability to be strong and durable for scrubbing dishes and more.

While some people do these types of projects for ornamental reasons, many others do it as a great little project to pass time. I know people who have sets of these sorts of things that change with the seasons of their home decor.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Strawberry Dishcloth

This triangle is part of another project that I have used. You should know that my video doesn’t follow the pattern 100%. I have simplified the triangle to let beginners have a fighting chance to be successful. Get the free pattern, it’s called Granny Strawberry Dishcloth.

Video Tutorial (Right and Left)

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  1. Connie James

    Is there a written pattern that I can copy? Thanks in advance

    • Mikey

      Absolutely. There is a BLUE pattern button. You can click that. 😀

  2. Katrina Colburn

    Pattern link goes to Yarnspirations for Strawberry Washcloth Video link works.

  3. sandi bowers

    Thank You Mikey, for another easy pattern. You’re the BEST!

  4. Mary Quigley

    I love your pattern for granny triangle Dishcloth, Where is the written pattern. Mikey you are number 1, I learned more about crochet than I did in High School.

  5. A satisfied customer

    Hi Mikey
    I enjoy your tutorials, I would like to see the project after each section. I sometimes find it difficult to follow, but if I see the finished section it is better for me. Also could the tutorial be in slow motion?
    I so enjoy your tutorials and I have learned so much. Thank you, do not ever leave us

  6. rene h

    Awesome video but I would love a written pattern as well

  7. sofia Blaisdell

    I Love you so much. Your method of teaching is awesome

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