Tunisian Casting On
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Tunisian Casting On
Tunisian Casting On

Tunisian Cast On

Learn how to do the Tunisian Cast On. This is needed for nearly everything you do with Tunisian. It’s simple and the trick is to ensure your starting chain isn’t too tight.

Mikey will demonstrate where to stick your hook into the chain for excellent results.

Video Tutorial

2 thoughts on “Tunisian Casting On – Starting Point

  1. I love all the videos that you have put out there… I have learned so much… much more than what I was taught when I was a kid many, many moons ago… Thanks to you and the videos I have made a few afghans and several little animals and so much more. Mikey you are awesome!!!!

  2. Love it love you tutorials you are my teacher at crochet I would also love to learn how to do large round doilies for my couch to put on it for a great view thanks so much Mikey!!!

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