Wave Step Stitch
Wave Step Stitch
Wave Step Stitch

Wave Step Stitch

This Wave Step Stitch is a bit tricky to master in the very beginning but comes easier as you start to identify the stitches and recognize how the pattern comes together.

This creates a horizontal wave across your work in a stepping up and stepping down visual appearance. It’s pretty neat if you ask me!

The waves have a lifting appearance which reminds me of the sandbars in a beach. It’s pretty cool.

To keep my review real, I wouldn’t say this is for beginners. However, if you are a beginners and get this stitch, big kudos to you.

There is a free pattern featuring this stitch, it’s called the Rainbow Waves Throw by Red Heart. A video tutorial is also available to help you get started as well.

Video Tutorial

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  1. I really like working with Red Heart with Love yarn… Can you tell me what colors you used in your tut? Thanks!

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