Yarn Ball Wreath Pattern

Yarn Balls Wreath

Yarn Ball Wreath

Make your own Yarn Ball Wreath with easy. You can make one of these really simply by grabbing some Styrofoam balls and wrapping them with yarn.

You can express  your own love for yarn with your knitting and crochet by making a yarn ball wreath.

You can get written instructions called: Snowflake Wreath. You can clearly see my wreath is my own personal style. You can do the same.
Pattern compliments of Red Heart

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  1. Lori

    Off topic from the wreath, which is ADORABLE by the way (!!), I wanted to comment on the clever and funny hoodie Mikey is wearing in this video. I love it! I first thought it said I’m a hotty knotty hooker. haha! Thank you for providing this space and helpful videos for us! Keep up the great work!

  2. Dawn W.

    Working on my wreath. I love this project! Just need to add some ribbon.

  3. Sandy

    Approx how many balls do ya need, so we know ABOUY how many to get?

  4. Love the hot glue tip and then a shot of Diva Dan!!!!!! Hmmm….was there not a glue gun incident in the recent past??? A little too late for that hint for Dan… love you guys.

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