15 Crochet Beach Patterns

Crochet Beach Ideas
Crochet Beach Ideas
Crochet Beach Ideas

Crochet Beach Fun

It may not be officially summer yet, but it’s heating up in the Midwest and Memorial Day weekend really kicks off the summer beach fun.  After Mikey and Diva Dan posted a few photos from their trip to the beach yesterday, I thought it would be a great time to find some patterns for summer crocheting.

A couple of my personal favorites from the list below would be the Beach Vacation Shawl, the Rich Texture Tote and Crystalized Barefoot Sandals.  I made the Shawl last summer while on a long car trip.  It’s super easy and goes really fast.  The Rich Texture Tote is just such a fun design that Mikey demonstrated on the 2015 Crochet Cruise.  And the Barefoot Sandals are not only a quick and pretty way to dress up you beach feet, but also wear them with a summer dress and strappy sandals.

Rich Textures Tote crocheted by Jeanne Steinhilber
Rich Textures Tote crocheted by Jeanne Steinhilber

Get Ready for Beach Fun with Crochet

  1. Bermuda Beach Cover Up – nice photo tutorial to guide you through this pretty cover-up.
  2. Seaside Wrap – colorful shawl that could also be tied around your waist.
  3. Crystalized Barefoot Sandals – 3 gorgeous free patterns by Kristin Omdahl.
  4. Seahorse Coaster – these cute coasters would give your home a beach feel.
  5. Pebble Beach Hat – cool hat to keep those hot rays off your head.  Sized from newborn to adult.
  6. Rich Textures Tote – we made this one on the 2015 Crochet Cruise and it’s a really pretty bag.
  7. Beach Bear Rita – fun amigurumi project complete with her own swimsuit and beach toys.
  8. Beach Vacation Shawl – easy wrap for your shoulders or waist.
  9. Lacy Oversized Top – not only for your swimsuit, but would also look good over a tank with a pair of capris.
  10. Seashore Earrings – cute starfish and seashells to crochet into earrings.
  11. Beach Flowers – stunning wrap, but do note this is written in UK terminology.
  12. Mickey Ears Beach Sandals – going on a Disney Cruise?  You need these!
  13. Hipster Scarf – just a little something if you’re shy about showing your hips like me.
  14. Summer Beach Ball – colorful toy just for fun.
  15. Crochet Covered Sea Stones – pretty little souvenir to add to your home.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my Pebble Beach Hat Pattern! This is a lovely roundup 🙂

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