17 Crochet Halloween Patterns

Crochet 3 Little Pumpkins

17 Crochet Halloween Patterns to Hook Up

Bat Dishcloth by Yarnspirations
Bat Dishcloth by Yarnspirations

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays.  I love the idea of dressing up and pretending to be something you are not.  And of course, it’s really all about the candy!

I thought I’d take a look at some new ideas to give myself some time to get some crocheting done without having to rush.

Here are some of the patterns I found on my recent search.

What will you hook up for the upcoming holiday?

  1. Bat Beanie – sizes from 1+ thru adult.
  2. The Web We Weave Granny Square – includes both a written and video tutorial.
  3. Crochet Sugar Skull – Oh love this for Day of the Dead.
  4. Crochet 3 Little Pumpkins – cute door decoration.
  5. Toddler Customer “Eye Candy” – nice sweater and hat, perfect for a chilly fall evening.
  6. Halloween Bat – cute amigurumi bat to decorate your haunted house.
  7. Pumpkin Treat Sack – sweet treat holder.
  8. Cat Witch Hat – Mikey should make this one for Riverstone.
  9. Ghostly Lights Necklace – use a glowlight stick to light this up.
  10. Falling Pumpkin Wall Hanging – crochet this with or without jack-o-lantern faces.
  11. Witches Hat – includes a pattern for a spiderweb and earrings.
  12. Bat Dishcloth Jack’o Lantern Dishcloth & Witch Dishcloth- you could easily string these together to make a decorative banner for your haunted house.
  13. Primitive Witch Hat – rustic look with sizes from infant to adult.
  14. Spider Web Table Topper – this is a lovely accent piece that hooks up quickly with lots of chains.
  15. Marge Simpson Costume – not really a pattern, more of an inspiration, and too cute not to share.
  16. Scarecrow Cat and Crow – super cute amigurumi for a nice decor piece.
  17. Witch’s Hat Coaster and Earrings – the coaster is an easy graph to follow and the earring is just plain fun.

Pattern Suggestions

  1. Crochet Halloween Throw Pattern
  2. Halloween Free Crochet Patterns
  3. Crochet Witch Hat Pattern
  4. 53 Charity Pattern Ideas

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  2. Thank you so much for including my Scarecrow Cat and Crow Pattern in your list!!

  3. Beth Roots

    Witches hat & earrings link comes up as falling pumpkin wall hanging

  4. Robin

    Witches hat & earrings link not correct….help please

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