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Bernat Sheepy Yarn

New Exclusive Yarn to Michaels: Bernat Sheepy

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The brand new yarn called Bernat Sheepy is now available at select Michaels Stores. Don’t worry, there’s no wool, just 100% nylon. It’s ultra-soft and swishy to the touch. Great

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What Happens to Acrylic Yarn Outside

What Happens to Acrylic Yarn Outdoors Experiment

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Crochet for the Outdoors This past early spring, a fan posted a question about crocheting something for her outside. She wondered if Acrylic Yarn aka everyday yarn would last if

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How to Dye Yarn with Kool-Aid

Dying Yarn with Kool-Aid

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Dying Yarn with Kool-Aid Mikey shows you how to dye yarn with Kool-Aid. This is a step by step photographic tutorial as detailed below. Mikey ran into a local artist

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crochet sampler blanket

4 Crochet Sampler Blanket Patterns

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Crochet Sampler Afghans I don’t know about you, but I and a huge lover for blankets. In my world, there is no such thing as having too many blankets, especially

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Afghan Size Calculator

Afghan Size Calculator

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How do you figure out afghan sizes? I have created a formula to calculate the chain counts needed to get to the sizes you need. The formula will also calculate

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Crochet Winter Set

Crochet Winter Combo Patterns

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Summer definitely feels like it’s over here. It’s cold out especially in the mornings, I dread taking the kids to the bus stop. That means its time to dig out

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Crochet Hats For Dad

3 Crochet Hat’s For Dad Patterns

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Crochet Hat’s For Him Patterns It’s that time of year most people dread, I know I sure do, it’s that time when it starts to get colder, we have to

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Crochet Stripe it Beanie

Crochet Thick Yarn Beanie Hat Pattern

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Crochet Stripe It Beanie Have you seen this yarn before? It’s called Vivid, by Red Heart. I saw this yarn back last December when visiting Red Heart’s office. I was truly

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Mikey's Most Recommended Yarn

Mikey’s 10 Most Recommended Yarns

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Mikey’s Most Recommended Yarns My yarn tastes change in time and based on trending ideas that are circulating on the internet. As much as I inspire the ideas, I am

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Caron Anniversary Cakes Yarn

OMG Yarn! Caron Anniversary Cakes Yarn

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Caron Anniversary Cakes Dorothy, we ain’t in Kansas anymore! In celebration of 5 years, 5 YEARS ALREADY, is the newest edition of the Caron Anniversary Cakes. It’s HUGE!  This is

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