Crochet Bib Pattern
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Crochet Bib Pattern
Crochet Bib Pattern

Crochet Bib

Introducing these easy to Crochet Bibs featuring Bernat Handicrafter or Sugar Lily’n Cream. These are both 100% cotton yarns that are terrific for the use of bibs as they are machine washable and easy to take care of without worry of shrinkage of falling apart.

These bibs start off in the bottom section and work themselves up. We will then complete one side to the back of the neck and then do the other side. We will then do a single crochet around the entire bib, which includes the middle neck area and then one last row around the outside.

You will affix a button at the top of the straps to puts the button behind the baby’s neck.

Follow the tutorial if you need extra help.




One thought on “Crochet Bib Newborn – 6 Months + Tutorial

  1. Hi Miley,

    I’ve watched all your tutorial videos and still need help with a pattern I have to make a baby Lael Viking hat. Is there any way you can help? I lean by seeing it in action.

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