33 Crochet Unicorn Patterns

33 Crochet Unicorn Ideas
33 Crochet Unicorn Ideas
33 Crochet Unicorn Ideas

Crochet Unicorn Ideas

Always be yourself.  Unless you can be a unicorn.  Then always be a unicorn.

The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large, pointed, spiralling horn projecting from its forehead.

Unicorns are as colourful as a rainbow.  They are fluffy and they sparkle.  Who cannot love such a mystical and magical creature?

Crocheting unicorns can be quite fun.  I have a collection of some of the cutest unicorns on the internet.  Most are free patterns, but I have included a few paid because they were just too fun to pass up.  Most of these are amigurumi patterns, but there are a few other fun ideas too.

Free Patterns

  1. Plush Unicorn Toy
  2. Emmie Eenhoorn
  3. Ragdoll Unicorn
  4. Molly the Magical Unicorn
  5. Lil’ Baby Unicorn
  6. Unicorn Hat
  7. Twinkle Toes the Unicorn
  8. Hermione the Unicorn
  9. Friendship is Magic
  10. Annabelle the Unicorn
  11. Unicorn Headband
  12. Unicorn Applique
  13. Lil Fluffy Unicorn
  14. Unicorn Coffee Sleeve
  15. Unicorn Hat
  16. Unicorn Gift Card Holder
  17. Unicorn Pillow Pal
  18. My Little Pony Rarity
  19. Unicorn Pencil Topper
  20. Unicorn Stripes Baby Blanket
  21. Unicorn
  22. Wee Unicorn
  23. Unicorn Wall Hanging
  24. Unicorn Hat
  25. Unicorn Frappuccino
  26. Unicorn Washcloth

Paid Patterns

  1. Abigail the Unicorn Pillow Buddy
  2. Ulyne Unicorn Hood
  3. Bulky & Quick Unicorn Blanket/Cowl
  4. Mimi the Friendly Unicorn
  5. Unicorn Lovey Security Blanket
  6. Unicorn Farts Bag
  7. Stardust the Unicorn Bonnet


Mikey’s Fluffy Unicorn Blanket

Pattern Suggestions

  1. Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern
  2. Crochet Woodland Afghan Pattern
  3. Square Crochet Basket Pattern
  4. Crochet Scrubber Pattern + Tutorial
  5. Crochet Baby Checker Blanket Pattern + Tutorial

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  1. Megan

    Link #2 “Eemie Eenhoorn” link isn’t clickable. Not sure if the pattern is no longer available, or if the link is just broken.

    • Not sure what happened there but I found a link and fixed it. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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