Crochet Baby Checker Blanket Pattern

Crochet Checker Baby Blanket
Crochet Checker Baby Blanket
Crochet Checker Baby Blanket

Crochet Baby Checker Blanket

Checker it up with the new Bernat Baby Blanket Tiny Yarn to create this unique looking blanket called Crochet Checker Baby Blanket.

This project uses 3 yarn at the same time but is not done as a graphghan. It’s strategic with using ch 3’s to be able to hide colours from each other. Using 3 colours allows the colours to flow easily up the side of the blanket with very little notice without having to change yarns constantly.

In the beginning, it’s a bit fiddly to start but once you get the hang of it and in about row 3, it’s easier to hold and manipulate. You just have to push yourself to get started and the rest will be able to hook up with ease.

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Crochet Checker Baby Blanket Pattern

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  1. Jenny

    Is there a way to do just 2 colors

  2. I am working on this project right now. I LOVE it! I am pretty much a beginner but not scared to try things with the suppport of a tutorial master like Mikey. I couldn’t get it right to start, I wasn’t including the chain above in my yarn over… After watching the tutorial I’m all straightened out and rocking out my baby blankie. I really enjoy carrying the yarns up the side instead of stopping and starting and weaving in the ends! ;-P This one almost makes me want another so I can make one for myself, almost. Good thing I know I can make one a little bigger. I love watching your tutorials Mikey, keep on killing it. 🙂

  3. lori zwetsloot

    you are great as always, you are one of the very few that I have no trouble understanding.


    Love it!

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