Crochet Chevron Stripes Blanket Pattern

Crochet Chevron Striped Cotton Blanket
Crochet Chevron Striped Cotton Blanket
Crochet Chevron Striped Cotton Blanket

Crochet Chevron Stripes Blanket

The Crochet Chevron Stripes Blanket are stripes of chevrons put together using Caron Cotton Cakes yarn. There is a crochet diagram available and you will see it’s almost like the moss stitch but there are half double crochets ever other rows to help speed up the growth of this. The moss stitch lends itself well to self-striping yarn like this.

Once each strip is completed, each side stays in the chevron format and tassels are applied. If you prefer there to be no tassels, just leave them off. Tassels are currently trending at the moment.

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Crochet Chevron Stripes Blanket Pattern

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  1. Abbie Hawks

    Can you give some pointers on how to join the strips? This is my first project that requires this sort of assembly. A video tutorial would be great!

    • I usually use the wip stitch, Mikey has a couple of different video’s on how to join on youtube, really it’s artist choice on what you prefer

  2. Laura Obertal

    Im looking for the chevron striped afghan using bernat yarn. I haven’t been able to find the patten on your site. Can you please help?

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