Crochet Easy Ripple Hat

Crochet Easy Ripple Hat by Laura Jean

Texture up your hat with a ripple, lots of ripples… I say! I really love the natural elastic nature of the Camel Stitch as Mikey has demonstrated in the Crystal Ice Hat. It gave the body of the hat the easy ripple textures. This is the Crochet Easy Ripple Hat.

The latest revision has some fixes and using Patons Alpaca Blend with the same hook size. The pattern was revised with a crochet diagram to help you out.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Easy Ripple Hat

Using Caron Cakes, I decided to use CaronCakes Bumbleberry to see how it would turn out. Full disclaimer, the ball naturally fed the colours and it just happened to work out that the brim was a solid colour before changing. Seriously, I should have bought a lotto ticket! Below though, I show you a sample in Bernat Pop! and you can see the brim change midway through to a different colour.

Crochet Diagram

This is available in the download above as well.

Crochet Easy Ripple Hat Diagram
Crochet Easy Ripple Hat Diagram

If you want the brim a solid colour, isolate a complete section of the Caron Cakes colour and use it. When the brim is finished, cut the yarn then restart the ball at a new colour. Caron Cakes has the ability to have the colours all work together well as decided by professional designers. So don’t be afraid to doctor it.

Written by Laura Jean Bartholomew, The Crochet Crowd Seeker

©2017 The Crochet Crowd


  1. Jean

    This pattern would really benefit from a chart, especially for the decreasing rows. Love the pattern but am struggling a bit with the second row, like many others.

    • Do you think I just should pull this free pattern offline. It’s easier to pull offline. I am struggling to find time to do up more diagrams at the moment and maybe just pulling this down will be the best option and revisit later on in the year.

      • Jean

        Thanks for replying! I really like this pattern. For a few years I have been crocheting hats for women who attend a particular cancer retreat. Each year it has been a different pattern made in lots of different colors. I have been testing patterns for the one I want to make for this years retreat. This is the 5th hat I’ve made to see which one I want to make. This is it. Great texture, relatively simple but interesting to make and it doesn’t take too long.

        Determined to come up with a way to deal with this pesky Decreasing Round 2, this is what I did. Ch 2, *dc in the next st. FPTR2tog [using 2 FPTR in the previous dc/FPTR round] Repeat from *around. Then I fudged a dc then a FPTR FOR THE LAST 2 stitches to end the row with 32 sts.

        I think it looks pretty good, pretty resolved. I’d leave the pattern online and put it on your list to chart or clarify when you get to it.
        Hope there aren’t too many typos in this comment.

      • I have printed out this pattern to leave it on my desk. I have to crochet it first to understand it. I may need to film it if you think it would be ideal. I’m happy to do that when there’s more time.

  2. Diane Auger

    Hi Mickey!
    Is there a left hand version of this pattern?
    Thank you!

    • Usually, patterns aren’t written in left or right handed. So to answer your question, I’m unaware of any patterns written for left handers.

  3. Michelle

    Hi, could I use hdc starting chain? Just wondering if it would effect the stretch of the camel stitch. I have a hard time making sure that my chain doesn’t twist.

    • Try it and see how it goes. That’s the only way to really know.

  4. Alison J Miller

    I’ve given up trying to figure this pattern out. Moved on to something else which is a shame as I really liked it.

  5. Donna Carnicle

    Hi, I love this hat. I have been confused and just decided to do hdc on the brim in round 2-4. It says to “work work” camel stitch…. like I said, I have been doing a hdc. Is that what you want there or am I off base?

  6. Terri

    I’m just starting but the 60 chains doesn’t look big enough, am I reading it correctly?

    • It depends on the size you wish to make. Just add more chains if you feel it’s too small.

      • Krystal

        Hat is super cute but the pattern is confusing. And the video seems like he is crocheting backwards. It’s yarn over isn’t it? Not under?

      • I haven’t filmed this pattern but if you are referring to under. The way my mom showed me was to just grab the yarn which was doing it under. In getting bigger, a major organization asked me to retrain myself to go over to match pattern books. The original tutorials has me doing it under but it took me about a month to get it to stick naturally to YOH. I’m sorry for the confusion.

  7. N Greene

    I would benefit from a video, as well. I love the pattern, and have done pretty well, but I’m at the decrease portion of the hat, and I’m having to kinda fly by the seat of my pants! It’s very confusing and not lining up or decreasing the way it should. I’m tweaking as I go along, but I would love to see what you actually did – in action. Thanks!

  8. Erin

    Is there a gauge for this?

  9. Andra

    I got confused at the body, round 2. It is saying to join with sl st in top of beg ch-3 . What does beg mean? And does it mean to chain 3 in the end? And then round 3 join with sl st to beg sc? Same…don’t get it that “beg” 🙂

    Than you ,

  10. Sophia Moreno

    Hello. Thank you for this pattern. I’m really enjoying making it. I have a question on round 2 of the decreasing. What does it mean by FPTR2tog [using 2 posts rows below]. To me it looks like I would be doing the FPTRtog around the front post and the double crochet but then if I do that it looks like I’ll be ending up with way too many stitches. Help please.

    • Sophia- the FPTR2tog is explained in the Special Stitches. It is a decrease. Uses 2 posts – 2 rows blows. – LJ

      • Sophia Moreno

        Hi Lauren. That doesn’t really answer my question. I’m sorry. I know how to do a FPTR2tog. What I don’t understand is which 2 stitches I’m performing it on. Am I doing the FPTR2tog on the two FPTCs or am I doing it on one of the FPTC and one of the double crochets? I’m sorry for the confusion.

      • Sophia Moreno

        Sorry that should have said Laura not Lauren. My apologies.

  11. Megan

    The decreasing instructions isn’t written out completely. Confused on round 2 and don’t know if round 4 is the last round or not

    • So sorry Megan – it is corrected now. – LJ Top of Hat – Decreasing

      Round 1: Ch 1, *sc in next 3 stitches, sc2tog, rep from * around – 48 sts.
      Round 2: Ch 2, *dc in the next st,, , FPTR2tog [using 2 posts rows below] Repeat from * around FPTC in last sc – 32sts
      Round 3: Sc in each st around. Join with a sl st to beg sc – 32 sts
      Round 4: Ch 2, * dc in the next st. FPTR in the next dc from previous Rnd 2, Then dc in top of the FPTR2tog from round 2. Join to top of beg dc – 24 sts.
      Leave a long tail and fasten off. Using darning needle weave yarn through last round and pull opening shut. Secure and fasten off.

  12. Natasha

    Hi Laura Jean:)
    Thanks for the written pattern:)
    I have noticed something though, in the decreasing round 2, you went from 48 stars to 32 but don’t mention any decrease.
    Also the last 24 sts, do you thread yarn through and then pull the stitches tight to close it? It was this for the bun hat and you still need to decrease?
    Can you please clarify?


  13. Round 2 of the decreasing section is missing information. First it refers to a “last stitch” which is different language than previous instructions. It doesn’t indicate repeating the * pattern. Plus, round 4 refers to “fpdc2tog from round 2” and round 2 definitely didn’t have any 2tog’s. I enjoy Tech Editing, if you would like my help with future patterns.

  14. Sylvia

    Can you direct me on making this smaller, like for a toddler? My good at changing patterns but would like to give it a try for my granddaughter. 🙂 Thanks in advance for any guidance!

    • Sylvia – I would chain just short of your granddaughters’s head circumference. – So there is a little stretch and then make sure you have an even number of stitches 🙂
      I will contact my oldest daughter and have her measure my granddaughter’s head, and give it a whirl too. -LJ

      • Sylvia

        Thank you so much, can’t wait to give it a try!?

  15. Valerie Tarbart

    A Mikey video for this? Maybe even for lefties?

    Love this

  16. debbie

    if using bernat pop! Is it still 1 ball? Thanks for the pattern!

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