Crochet Little Boy Blue Blanket Pattern

Crochet Little Boy Blue Blanket 2

Crochet Little Boy Blue Baby Blanket

This blanket is a redesign of my Hugs & Kisses Baby Blanket.  Many of you wrote to me saying how much you loved the texture but didn’t like the chevron style.  Also, many wanted a border, so this one has an interesting border added.  So you can enjoy the texture of the blanket without the stress of the chevron.

The title of Little Boy Blue Blanket was just a fun name. The colours are subjective to your own creativity and wishes.

I used 2 1/2 Caron Big Cakes in Blue Macaron for this pretty blue blanket.  The blanket could be easily made bigger by using multiples of 6 + 4.  The finished size of this one is 32″ x 39″.  You can also substitute your favourite worsted weight yarn in any colour combo or solid if you prefer.

Get Crochet Crowd Free Pattern
Crochet Little Boy Blue Baby Blanket Pattern. All diagrams shown below are included in the free download.

Colour Play Options

You can decide to colour play the project instead of just letting the colours come out of a Caron Big Cake. Those colour options are shown here at listed in the free download pattern as well. I used Caron One Pound with Soft Pink, Soft Sage, Sky Blue and Cream.

Little Boy Blue in Colours Blanket
Little Boy Blue in Colours Blanket

Crochet Diagrams

Included in the free download are the two diagrams shown here. You can print them out here if you wish but are included with the written instructions as well.

The Main Body of the Blanket Crochet Diagram. Click the diagram or here to download and/or print it.

Little Blue Blanket Feb 2021 - Main Body Diagram
Little Blue Blanket Feb 2021 – Main Body Diagram

The Border of the Afghan is as shown. All sides are the same. Use the advice in the written pattern for the best results. You can click the diagram or here to download a free copy.

Little Blue Blanket Feb 2021 - Border
Little Blue Blanket Feb 2021 – Border

Crochet Tutorial

Big Picture Examples

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  1. Jerity Ringling

    I just finished this and it turned out perfect! Thank you for the beautiful pattern!

  2. Theresa Flynn

    Is there any link to the yarn/colors used in the blanket shown? I’m trying to find the same colors as I love this but am having a difficult time matching them. I love the color combinations of blues, taupe and cream but color matching on a screen is difficult.

    Thanks so much.

    • Unfortunately, it’s the yarn is exclusive to Michaels Stores. Michael’s Stores have a GEO tag on their website. Meaning, if I provide you a link and you are not in Canada, the link will produce a coding error. Same thing that if I give you a USA Store link, it errors here in Canada. I’m sorry, we tend not to link to Michaels as it produces a coding error and is beyond our control.

  3. Sally McDonald Hite

    I am planning to make this baby blanket with 4 colors. How much of each color would you recommend purchasing? I hate it when I finish a project and have skeins of un-returnable yarn left over or have another 1/2 row of border to finish and have run out of yarn and can’t track down another skein!
    Thanks for this pattern which looks quite do-able but definitely not boring!

    • Jeanne

      Michael made his colorful sample with leftovers. Sorry I know that is not very helpful.

  4. Karen Pace

    I am obsessed with this pattern, especially the border. I LOVE the chunky look and feel. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve made it. Thank you so much!!

  5. Devorah

    Are there any videos on the little boy blue baby blanket?

    • I’m checking but I don’t remember filming it.

    • No I haven’t filmed it. I’m sorry.

      • Heather Povey

        Would it possible at some stage to have someone film it? It would be a great help. Also, how many stitches are there to a pattern repeat?
        Thank you so much
        Heather Povey

      • Noted. I am checking our spreadsheet of requests.

  6. Tracy

    I’m completely lost on row 4 of the border. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Can you explain it to me, or is there a video tutorial? I’m making this for my nephew due anytime, and I want it to look nice. Thank you

    • I have messaged Jeanne as stated in your earlier comment. 😀 She will get back to you as soon as she can.

  7. Tracy

    I’m having a difficult time understanding how 4 on the border. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m making this for my sister-in-law’s upcoming baby, and would like to make it look the best for her. Could you please help me?

    • I’ve messaged Jeanne to assist you. There is no video tutorial on this particular design. If you want to email her to send photos you can do so at [email protected] Jeanne works a full time job, outside of helping us out. When she has some time, she will get back to you. 🙂

  8. Martha Anne Moore

    No blue button

  9. Carol OBrien

    I am having a problem with row 4 on the border Do you have tutorial to show how to do the bptrtworows below two stitches ahead. Thank you

  10. Sandra Weston

    I have two questions about the Little Boy Blue Baby Blanket. #1 – Are all bobbles supposed to be on the same side? #2 – Is there a “right” side for this blanket and is it the side the bobbles are on? Also, I noticed that I am crocheting the bobbles and they are on the opposite side that I am crocheting….thanks for your help…your blanket is gorgeous!

  11. Laura

    how many regular size caron cakes does this take?

  12. Cindy Badasci

    I noticed in the hug and kisses all around pattern you use a popcorn stitch rather than a 5dctog stitch. I seem to have trouble keeping my bobble stitch sticking out on the correct side of the work, they seem to move back and forth. Would using the popcorn stitch for this pattern give the same effect as the bobble stitch? Thanks!

  13. Becky

    Love the pattern but having trouble with the border.wouldlike a tutorial on the border.

    • Deborah Henry

      I am having trouble with the border as well. I don’t understand round 5 at all. A video of this would be wonderful!

  14. Desiree Garber

    So I have made this blanket twice, the first time I did my own border but I am making it Again and i want to do your border but I’m really having troublewith the 4th row. any help with that would be great. is the front post 2 rows down, the dc row? And do you just cross them like you did in the blanket? Thank youso much Jeanne, i absolutely love your designs!!

  15. Rena

    First of all love this pattern. I’ m working on the border and the single crochet in the end of each row just doesn’t seem or look right. Is this correct? If I’m following the exact pattern I would have 81 single crochets on one side. When I do that they look too far space out. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!!!

  16. Louise Parker

    Looks beautiful! I plan to make this but want it bigger. Any advice on how to make it bigger, say 48×60, would be appreciated. TIA.

  17. Heather

    I’m using 4 colors and doing each color for two rows. Turning out beautiful!

    • Ann Marie Governale

      Hi Jeanne; LOVE The pattern so far. One question as I have not done the bobble stitches in a while.. do I close the 5dctogether with a chain 1 or not? Thanks!!

  18. bellatess

    Happy New Year’s JeAnne & Mikey,
    I found this pattern by purely coincidence, and am in love with this, so I have a Grandson coming in May and this would be perfect, and the colors to! So I’m a visual person to can I follow your girls chevron video tutorial and still make the little boy blanket w/o the chevrons? And I never make a child like size for the keepsake will it be ok if I make it larger and still be able to make and follow pattern? ,
    THANK you ♡

  19. Mimi Philpott

    Is the 2nd cross of the 1st x st supposed to be in the turning chain? My row is ending with my x in the last chain, not leaving it open for another dc. If I use the turning chain at the beginning of row 3, I think my count should come out correctly. My total starting chain is 202. Thank you!

  20. Kristie

    I have a problem I’m only able to crochet by watching a video so I referred to the chevron hugs and kisses video to make this blanket the only thing I didn’t do Is the chevron the peaks and valleys but I’m on my bobble row and on the ends of the blanket they are not lining up with the previous row ?? I’m so worried it would kill me to start over what did I do wrong ???

  21. Monika Epperson

    Hi Jeanne !
    I just started the pattern and I’m wondering on Row 3 (the X-Stitches) why do we end the row with 2 dc and not an X ?

  22. Nicole Santos-Tomasin

    Would love to make this bigger as a Throw. Any suggestions on how many chains to start with to make it big enough?

      • Amanda Briggs-Wilson

        Am I correct you in row 3 you just treble crochet (uk) 5 times in one stitch to make the bobble effect?

  23. Mimi Philpott

    I would like to make this a little bigger. Could you please give a little more info on your instructions, “6 + 4”? Thank you so much!

    • Chain 6, chain 6, chain 6, etc… until it’s the length that you want, then chain 4 more. You’ll be good to go! 🙂

  24. Cara Moffat

    love this pattern thank you for all you do for us crocheters

  25. I love it! I would love to see a tutorial. Also would like to see a scarf like this

    • You could easily make this scarf length using the multiples of 6 + 4. Use the tutorial from the Hugs & Kisses blanket for any stitches you need help with as it is basically the same blanket without the chevron.

  26. Kathryn Macdonell

    Bang On! Loved the tutorial. This will be my New Years project

  27. E.Nixon

    Love this pattern. How do I increase the size of this blanket because I’m using s lighter yarn. I’m a beginner so somethings I don’t understand “6 +4” to increase???

    • Chain 6, chain 6, chain 6, etc… until it’s the length that you want, then chain 4 more. You’ll be good to go! 🙂

      • Mimi Philpott

        Thank you!

  28. Mary

    Love the border?

  29. Colette L Molumby

    Such a beautiful pattern! I can’t wait to try it out!

  30. Maaike

    Gorgeous, Jeanne! Thanks for the pattern! If I make this in two colors, where would you start the new color? Would love to hear your thoughts. TIA!

  31. Lizzie

    Thank you. I have two baby blankets to make. One s for a girl, and the other I will know the gender soon. I am so doing this.

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