Crochet Shawl On A Plane Pattern

Crochet Shawl On A Plane Project
Crochet Shawl On A Plane
Crochet Shawl On A Plane, the picture was taken in San Fransisco Airport.

Crochet Shawl On A Plane

Crochet Shawl On A Plane was really designed on a plane as an easy repeat pattern to keep me occupied as I crocheted from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast.

Designed with texture and 4 unique rows in the pattern to keep your mind busy instead of getting stuck in the boredom of a plane journey.

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The pattern is a 4-row repeat which is easy to count. Every time the pattern repeats, the bean stitches and treble back post cross stitches will have expanded by 5. So you can double-check your counts at those rows fairly easily.

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Back Story

I took off from Halifax and it took me an hour to keep restarting to get the counts and look I wanted. By the time I was flying over Quebec, I had my pattern in my head and began to make the sample.

Landing in Toronto and continuing to make my shawl as I waited for the next plane, I boarded again for another 5 hours to San Francisco. By the time I got to San Francisco, we had a 3-hour layover and again another 1-hour flight to Reno, Nevada! It was a long day to put it in family-friendly terms.

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  1. Jaz

    Is there a video tutorial for your shawl on a plane?
    Please post one!
    Thank you so much!

    • Sorry, there is currently no video for this one.

  2. Sue McVicker

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  3. Nicole

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  4. Kara

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  5. Kimberly Duclos

    Can you please tell me how many stitches total are on row 7 ? You don’t have it listed in the pattern ———-Row 7: Ch 3, 1 dc in same st. 1 dc in each st across to st
    before ch-2 sp. (2 dc. Ch 2. 2 dc) in ch-2 sp. 1 dc in each st
    across to 2nd last st. 2 dc in last st. Turn.

    • Mikey

      Let me put time aside to get you that information. I will be back in 3 weeks at my desk. Michael

  6. Debora Ann Grover

    I love this pattern! My cotton cakes have 530 yards, did you actually use the bigger ones? Or did you use the smaller ones?

    • Mikey

      The smaller ones. If you noticed the pattern shows the balls were smaller in size-wise in the yarn listing.

  7. Colleen

    Hi Mikey! I love you work and learn so much from your video tutorials. Please do a video of your Crochet Shawl On A Plane pattern. It’s beautiful!! Thank you!!

  8. It’s really ironic that I see this right now. I’m getting ready to fly from South Carolina to Texas and have been looking for shawl patterns to crochet because I have a 3 hour lay over and another 3 hour wait at the end of my flight for my brother to arrive for the the last part of the trip, so I’m going to have to make an entire shawl. Thanks for this.

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