38 Stellar Knit and Crochet Projects
38 Stellar Knit and Crochet Projects
38 Stellar Knit and Crochet Projects

38 Stellar Crochet and Knit Patterns

Our friends at Yarnspirations has sifted through and located the top-rated patterns as decided by you based on visits and downloads for 2019 thus far. Visit 38 Stellar Crochet and Knit Patterns to see the entire list.

In the list, there are several that I have filmed tutorials for as well. There could be a relationship on which patterns have a matching tutorial in what crocheters and knitters like. Just for the fun of it. I will pull the projects from the list and post them below as they have a matching tutorial to go with them too.

Top Patterns that Have Video Tutorials

Links here go to the articles where you can get both the tutorial and patterns.

  1. Crochet Scrubbing Waffle Dishcloth + Tutorial
  2. Crochet Granny Goes Ripple (Ripple Waves) + Tutorial
  3. Crochet Stepping Texture Hat + Tutorial
  4. Crochet Simple Baby Chevron Blanket + Tutorial
  5. Crochet Hugs & Kisses Tote + Tutorial
  6. Crochet Globetrotter Shawl + Tutorial (one of my favourites)
  7. Crochet Pinstripes Blanket + Tutorial
  8. Crochet Lush Life Blanket + Tutorial
  9. Crochet Hibernate Blanket + Tutorial
  10. Crochet Character Sweaters + Tutorial
  11. Crochet Square Bear Dolls + Tutorial
  12. Crochet Comfort Shawl + Tutorial
  13. Crochet Pebbled Hat + Tutorial
  14. Crochet Cozy Cape + Tutorial
  15. Crochet Caron One Skein Baby Blanket + Tutorial
  16. Crochet Puffy Baby Blanket + Tutorial
  17. Crochet Bricks Blanket + Tutorial
  18. Crochet Beachy Keen Cover Up + Tutorial

Crochet Video Tutorials that Match List Above

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