Crochet Beach Cover Up Pattern

Crochet Beachy Keen Cover Up (Beach Cover Up)
Crochet Beachy Keen Cover Up (Beach Cover Up)
Crochet Beachy Keen Cover Up (Beach Cover Up)

Crochet Beach Cover Up

For beginners and beyond, learn to crochet this cute Beach Cover Up using a free pattern by Yarnspirations called the Beachy Keen Cover Up.

Using Bernat Maker Fashion Yarn, a new yarn line by our friends at Yarnspirations, you can make this crochet beach cover up in a jiffy. The cover-up has large spaces to allow that relaxing sun and breezes of the beach to pass on through while keeping some of the sun off of your body. The cover-up allows you to have some personal privacy without it showing all your ‘business’.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Crochet Beachy Keen Cover-up

You can use Bernat Maker Home Dec for this project as it’s the same yarn in every way, just under a different name. 

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This project is using simple single crochet and treble crochet. Easy to follow stitching with basic shaping at the top that a beginner can master.

I have scanned the tutorial note that I used in the tutorial below. You can save or print it if you wish. I use this as reference to help you during the tutorial.


Crochet Beachy Keen Diagram
Crochet Beachy Keen Diagram

Tutorial Pics

I took pictures as I filmed this to show you what the panels look like prior to the top areas being finished and a final shot of my finished sample. I really enjoyed this project.

Beachy Keen Tutorial Progress Update
Beachy Keen Tutorial Progress Update. This picture is showing the panels without the top final 3 rows added which are on the back and front straps area. I made sure both panels were identical before finishing them off to ensure they would match.


Beachy Keen Tutorial Sample by Mikey
Beachy Keen Tutorial Sample by Mikey

Video Tutorial


  1. Kim Shevill

    Hi, I am unable to find the link to the pattern. Can you please point me in the right direction as this will be my first ever crochet make and I’m very keen to get on with it 🙂 Many thanks.

    • I added the blue button, you click on that and it will take you to the Yarnspirations where you can download the pattern. Hope that helps

  2. Mary Helen

    Can you please notate the number of balls per sizes. It’s very hard to see in the video.

    • Jeannie

      how do I get the pattern for this coverup????

      • Mikey

        checking links and need to find a copy of the PDF.

      • Sharolyn Wells

        Hi, guys, can this cover-up be made knee-length?

      • Mikey

        GET PATTERN button still works and the name of the pattern is also linked to the free pattern.

  3. Jacqueline V Charles

    Hi Mikey so i went to two of my yarn stores and none of them have this Bernet yarn, and i don’t have time to order them because i am going away. is there another type of Bernet i can use because Michael s carries a huge selection except for that kind

  4. Crystal bonney

    Can you cotton yarn for this cover up

    • The pattern calls for Bernat Maker Fashion. It is lighter than cotton. Getting a cotton one wet would make it even heavier. But yes if you match gauge you should be able to create the same look. Hope that helps – LJ

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