27 Crochet Charity Patterns

Crochet Charity Patterns + Ideas
12 Pet Mat

Crochet Charity Crochet Pattern Ideas

When I think of charity, my mind doesn’t automatically go to the human side of giving. I’m a lover of animals whether they be domestic or wildlife. Hi everyone, I’m Laura Jean, The Crochet Crowd Seeker. Mikey charged me with the mission to follow my passion to find patterns that can be for humans and animals alike.

Mikey and Diva Dan was sharing with me the day they took their Riverstone into the vet, there was another cat in the next kennel that looked like death. It was shared with them that the owner of the cat had died but the cat was also really sick. So the family took the cat to the vet to see if they can make the cat more comfortable with medications. It had a blanket in the cage. They conveyed how heartbreaking it was to witness. The cat in the picture isn’t the same cat. Your heart just wants to save a life, whether it be human or be unsung heroes such as our cats and dogs. They know their lives wouldn’t be the same without Riverstone’s mind games and antics.

With Charity beginning at home – and the home was 22 miles out near the middle of nowhere, we did have neighbours and it happened to our neighbours – it happened to us.  You helped, you brought in food and offered your services. As a young Girl Scout living on a farm –  I learned to “think global – act locally.”   So now – my local – is what is near and dear to my heart.

Free Patterns

  1. Bernat Preemie Hat  perfect for preemies
  2. Simple Charity Baby Hat  two sizes Newborn and Up to 3 months
  3. Preemie Hat in UK terminology several sizes
  4. Seafarer’s Hat  crocheted and knitted items for Seafarers
  5. Cancer Support Blanket Lap Blanket for advanced beginners in crochet
  6. Lap Blankets  not too big and not too small
  7. Call the Midwife Blanket can be made in any size
  8. Pillowghan – complete pictorial afghan folds into a pillow
  9. Summer Ripple Blanket By Yarnspirations
  10. Crocheted Rib Hat a great “man” hat
  11. Pet Mat  great for Pet Rescues and Veterinary Offices
  12. Pet Snuggle Blanket great for home, car, and Shelters
  13. Wildlife Nests – Check with your local SPCA – Animal Rescue – Veterinarian, and Game Wardens.
  14. Twiddle-muff – in both UK and American terminology
  15. Knitted and Crocheted Knockers special handmade breast prosthesis for women who have undergone mastectomies or other procedures to the breast.
  16. Comfort Shawl great for comforting
  17. Stoma Covers  also known as Laryngectomy covers
  18. Picc Line Cover  the basic cover
  19. Lace Picc Cover girly and upscale
  20. Sleeping Mat  for the homeless
  21. Amputee Stump Covers
  22. Scarf with Pockets super for Nursing Homes, Homeless Shelters
  23. Girly Preemie Hat
  24. Butterly Stitch Prayer Shawl  very pretty prayer shawl
  25. Quick Cozy Preemie Hat 
  26. Crutch-Carry All – made with one Granny, sewn to a bag.


More Pattern Ideas

  1. Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern
  2. Crochet Woodland Afghan Pattern
  3. 15 Crochet Stash Buster Patterns

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  1. Melissa

    Thank you for all of these wonderful patterns. I’m wanting to make the cat mats and beds. I see it says to use any 4ply worsted weight yarn. I’m trying to figure out which yarn to use. Would you think a cotton? Or something more soft? Do you have any ideas and brands you suggest? Thank you!

  2. Bonnie Ratcliff

    WOW!! Laura Jean, thank you for all the great links for charitable gifts! And thank you for your wonderful contributions to this group. They don’t go unnoticed! Now to figure out which one I want to start on 🙂 there’s so many!! <3

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