14 Crochet Patterns to Wear

Casual Crochet Tops
Casual Crochet Tops
Casual Crochet Tops

Casual Tops to Wear

An avid knitter once said to me, when you love your hobby, you find a way to wear it. For myself, most designs are meant for women, so I don’t have the luxury of everything under the sun to wear. Am I envious… just a tad!

On the Crochet Cruises, we have crocheters that come with tops made to accessorize their wardrobe. Living the passion I would call it. I really enjoy seeing the crocheters who really push themselves to wear their garments with pride. In our group, they get a lot of compliments too.

For those on the cruise, here are some suggestions.

  1. Tank Top as Seen in Main Photo – It uses Bernat Maker Fashion but Bernat Maker Home Dec is same yarn.
  2. Beach Cover Up – Tutorial included.
  3. Floral Cami Top – Tutorial included.
  4. Hugs & Kisses Tunic – Textured fun wear.
  5. Stunning Beach Cover Up – Absolutely gorgeous.
  6. Draw String Beach Skirt – Stylish
  7. Beach Glass Crochet Necklace – So cool!
  8. Barefoot Sandals – Just for the fun of it.
  9. Beach Glass Clutch – For the gal on the go!
  10. Beach Breeze Wraps – Full body cover up.
  11. Bermuda Beach Summer Cover Up – Gorgeous design.
  12. Cotton Summer Top – Easy to make design + Tutorial.
  13. Colour Block Top – Easy boxy design + Tutorial.
  14. Mesh Upper Top – Easy to follow mesh + Tutorial.

Crochet To Crochet with Wire & Beads

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  1. Carol Annucci

    Love everything crochet crowd! Would love to see more patterns for tops in wide range of sizes so everyone can wear them.

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