Crochet Colour Block Top Pattern

Crochet Colorblock Top
Crochet Color Block Top
Crochet Color Block Top

Crochet Color Block Top

Introducing a beginner top pattern and tutorial called the Crochet Color Block Top. For this project, you will need to know how to do chains, double crochet and a very simple Double Crochet 2 Together Stitch. It’s all made very simple with the help of our crochet tutorial that is provided.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Color Block Top

This top has a sister top called the Crochet Color Block Tunic. The difference is the length. The top section with sleeves and neckline are identical in construction and stitch counts.

Visualize this project as one rectangle with a second rectangle that is slightly beginner. The tunic has a minimum of an extra 10″ added to the orange section as seen below to go well over the pants/crotch section when wearing.

Crochet Colour Block Top Tutorial Sample by Mikey
Crochet Colour Block Top Tutorial Sample by Mikey

My sample was completed using Kroy Sock Yarn. I used the same ball counts as the pattern suggested. I used the same size hook. The Kroy Sock Yarn was called Kroy Socks FX. This type of yarn has incredible colour stories and I love it the most out of the Kroy Sock Yarn collections.

For the tutorial, I did the upper back in a different colour. I didn’t have enough yarn in stock to run a tutorial on the same colour. The black is also Kroy Socks but in the regular line as just block.

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  1. Wandzetta Parham

    The measurements on this garment is way off. I made the XL and it is too big. I had to rip out my top.

    • Did you do a gauge check to test your tension?

  2. I love the thing things you make .I love you sweater to .Thanks for the tutorials .

  3. Carol Schoen

    no blue button

  4. Elie

    I am unable to get to the tutorial. I keep getting a ‘This Connection is not private’ warning.

    • it should be resolved. Programmers found the problem late last night.

      • Elie

        Hello Mikey,

        I am now getting “Invalid URL. Please continue by going to our Home Page…”

  5. val

    Can Caron Cotton Cakes be used? Looking to make 2-3x sizes.
    Thanks Mikey!

  6. Gina Dickinson

    Do you have the pattern for the tunic

  7. Gina Dickinson

    Do you have the diagram for the tunic thank you

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