Crochet Mesh Top Pattern

Crochet Mesh Top Pattern

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Crochet Mesh Top

Crochet Mesh Top

Crochet Mesh Top

This easy to do Crochet Mesh Top is written for sizes XS – 5 XL. The pattern is simple because both the front and back panels are the same pattern. You just have to sew the top of the shoulders and the solid area under the arms to the bottom ribbing. The mesh adjusts for your body shape.

This pattern starts at the bottom starting with the ribbing. You will use a smaller crochet hook to make ribbing so you have that comfort and perfect stretching material you expect in crochet ribbing. Then, once you have only 2.5″ of ribbing complete, you just simple half double crochet for the distance stated on the pattern and then begin the mesh. The mesh takes very little time.

The tutorial below takes you through the pattern in extensive detail, it also shows you the stitch steps and includes assembly. I did my 3/4 of the top in one evening and finishing it in the morning. It depends on the sizing of course for speed.

You can use Patons Metallic Yarn but also Caron Simply Soft Yarn would look lovely too.

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Crochet Mesh Top Pattern

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  1. Ann says:

    No blue button

  2. Michele Sanders says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I was going to follow just the pattern and did okay until it said to switch to a a larger hook. The pattern only calls for on hook (H) and I had to watch your video to see that I needed a G hook as well. Your videos are always so easy to follow along. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  3. Sara McMurray says:

    I absolutely love your tutorials! I would love to do my own tutorials someday. Until then, I’ll keep learning and watching! ?

  4. lubnafarman says:

    Hi Mikey,crochet my favourite work.i am watching your video in YouTube. I love yours video . Please tell me the drops design no w-631 video in YouTube. Have a great day love you all.thanks

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