Crochet Travel Mystery Vacation

Crochet Cruise Flight Times
Crochet Cruise Flight Times
Crochet Mystery Vacation

Sherry, our agent, and Daniel are researching the possibility of a Mystery Crochet Vacation for the year 2024.

Daniel has been watching a travel series where there are so many amazing spaces to gather across the globe. Learning how many locations can accommodate groups, just like ours.

While the Crochet Cruises are retiring this coming spring, we are spawning the new format of Travel with The Boys. Where we will gather, as friends, even with people we haven’t met before but are travelling a crochet group. We have scheduled Australia, New Zealand and Europe for 2023.

For 2024, the secretive pair are investigating locations to go as a crochet group. It will be a true mystery. I’ve asked to stay out of planning so it’s a mystery for me as well.

  1. Crocheters (plus their families/friends) if they like, will be given an airport with pre-cruise hotel location to arriving at the day before the vacation starts. So if someone doesn’t need to fly, they can arrive at the hotel the day before to begin.
  2. We will give you the type of clothing that would be ideal for the vacation.
  3. The rest remains a mystery.

From the pre-vacation hotel, the group will be moved in secret to another location. You won’t know where you are going. However, once you get there, you can message your friends/families back at home and let them know where you are.


Mikey Diva Dan Venice
Mikey Diva Dan Venice

This is not for everyone. For some people, having all of the information upfront is needed to make a decision. This is designed as a mystery, there will be no hints.

Daniel and Sherry both have elevated tastes in travel. Sherry has an obsession with ‘WOWING’ people with locations. Daniel and I once stayed in a Palace in Venice, found by Sherry, granted it was the attic loft but gawd was it amazing! The breakfast in the mornings was to die for. The location in Venice was so ideal, it wasn’t even funny!

Daniel scheduled us for a day-long cooking workshop in someone’s home. My gawd, did we laugh! Learned how to make fresh pasta which Daniel still does once in a while here.

This is not a workshop format but just a luxury vacation. Crocheters will need to keep an open mind and not be so judgemental. We will take into account physical limitations and accessibility at the mystery location but some optional excursions may require mobility.

Country Location

Cruise Hotel Bus
We are known for taking a lot of guests with us on our crochet adventures.

Once the details are worked out, you will know what country and region the mystery will be in. From there, you have to put faith in the pair.

You may need a passport.

I have found that the location and accommodations are important but what I remember the most from vacations is the experience of our social time. 

I can confidently say, this will not be a cruise. This is a vacation with old friends and new friends to be.

We are not taking requests on locations. It’s a mystery. Leave the planning to us. You can comment below on how you feel about this. We are not collecting names at this time. We will blast it on social media and update this site once planning is underway.

It is impossible to hold a gathering or event like this free of charge. This is just like a vacation but just with friends who have similar interests to you.


  1. L. Willis

    Will there be crocheting times? If I bring someone who hasn’t started crocheting yet will they have things to do if I am crocheting in a crocheting group or class?

    • Mikey

      We won’t know exactly what the resort/villa/region will offer until it is selected.

  2. Colleen Zwirble

    I prefer a mystery so this is right up my alley!

  3. Glenda Benson

    I want to go! I would be single to though . .

  4. Rita Flitcraft

    Sounds like a great time!!! We did several mystery trips with our travel group. They were always amazing!!! Can’t wait!!!

  5. Nuridiana B

    Yes I am definitely interested. Sounds like an awesome trip. Would love to meet crocheters like myself.

  6. Katherine E Wilson

    I LOVE THAT!!! Count me in!

  7. Lori Persico

    Wicked cool idea!! Look forward to getting few details lol

  8. Tiffany T

    I am defiantly excited. I have always wanted to do adventurous stuff like this.

  9. Karin

    I like this, but would probably be travelling by myself. Would I be left out as a single? My friends/family either don’t crochet, wouldn’t spend the money, don’t travel.

    • Mikey

      Hard to say. If there are possibilities of 1 person to a room/suite. Usually, if that happens on a cruise ship, a single supplement is required. The same could happen depending on where the final location is. We don’t match roommmates. We learned the hard way that staying with a person you don’t know has risks of theft or non-compatibility in personalities.

    • Sandra

      I travel by myself so I may be there!

  10. Chris Villa

    We are leaving on a cruise this Friday and one of the things I am most excited about is the “Knitters and Natters” group. It is always fun to see familiar faces I have cruised and crocheted with a d to add to our group. We always take extra hooks and yarn as invariably people find out we are there (Princess puts us out in the open so the laughter echoes through the atrium). So looking forward to reconnecting and learning something new. Wish I were going on one of your last two but I wasn’t fast enough. Looking forward to the mystery tour. (I am hearing the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour song in my head now….)

    • Mikey

      That’s wonderful. I wish you the very best time. 😀

    • Angela Cecilia Nemecek

      I absolutely love this idea. Here’s what you pay, and everything else is set. But you have no idea what’s going on. Can’t wait to find out where and when. Intriguing

  11. Phyllis Brenna

    Definitely will look into this when ready

  12. Andrea

    Thought for future: do a live link while crocheting at the destination for those of us that cannot travel. (Yes, this is a selfish thought,sorry) I have an autistic daughter and cannot attend events but would love to be there virtually! (Virtual for a fee is how a few others have held events so it’s not a freebie for those that can’t be there in person)

    • Mikey

      THanks. We have connective issues with the cruise ships as the signal can fade making lives impossible for a stable connection. It’s why we haven’t done that already.

  13. Sandra

    I’m definitely intrigued. It’s got my travel mojo stirring!

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