12 Crochet Water Balloons Patterns

Crochet Water Balloons
Water Balloons crocheted by Jeanne Steinhilber
Water Balloons crocheted by Jeanne Steinhilber

I have to say, this might be one of the strangest things I’ve ever crocheted, but in reality, it might be the most practical and is certainly the most fun.  Who would have ever thought… crocheted water balloons!

One of my favourites crochet blogs is Left in Knots and I just saw a post a couple of days ago making these toys.  Here is a direct link to her pattern and video tutorial so you can make your own Crochet Water Balloons.

Water Balloons crocheted by Jeanne SteinhilberYou can use any of the Bernat Blanket yarns.  One ball will make 11 balloons.  I really liked using the colourful Bernat Blanket Stripes yarn that recently became available.  These hook up super quick.  I could make a balloon in less than 15 minutes.

There so many good things about playing with these.  No filling up tons of balloons only to have broken bits of rubber all over your yard.  These are washable and reusable over and over!  They soak up water like a sponge and you can toss them around all day.  My granddaughters had a blast playing with them and nothing makes me happier than to hear those happy giggles and seeing the big smiles. 🙂

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Jeanne With Her Grandchildren

Water Balloons crocheted by Jeanne Steinhilber
Water Balloons crocheted by Jeanne Steinhilber

More Bernat Blanket Yarn Ideas

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  1. Erika

    I gave some of these to my siblings to pass along to their grandkids when they visit at the campground. I’m not sure they ever made it to my grandnieces…within a day I had questions from my sister on how to make them, because the adults were playing with them! Great eco-friendly and kid/pet friendly alternative to latex. A new game for the washer-toss crowd.

  2. Martha Anne Moore

    No blue button

  3. Amanda

    I’ve seen a couple questions about substituting different yarn, but I’ve found to get the best result you really want to use the Bernat Blanket yarn. When I tested these balloons out (https://youtu.be/DCZBI5VXnpc), I found even a knock-off polyester yarn similar to Bernat Blanket was far inferior when it came to absorbency and softness. Another thing I’ll add, in case anyone is wondering, is older kids seem to enjoy these too. In the link I’m sharing, I tested these out with kids ranging from 3-12, and even the older ones had fun playing with them. Hope this helps anyone who still had some questions!

  4. Dagmar

    None of he places around me have blanket yarn . So what is the substitute ?

  5. Kathleen Hart

    Left in Knots just posted a smaller version of the water balloons (using the blanket yarn still) on her website

  6. Has anyone tried making these with sugar and cream cotton? That’s what I have on hand and hate to make a trip to the store and spend $10 if I don’t need to. Thanks!

  7. Bobbiecz

    Hey Jeanne…you.re famous…on the internet!! Cute grandbabies. A friend of mine is sitting on the driveway crocheting water balloons and selling them. I thought I would check it out to see how challenging they are to make and your name popped up. Cool beans.

  8. Tammy L

    I made these for a friend who’s children are allergic to.latex they had a blast. Thank you so much for sharing

  9. Dawn

    How big are they supposed to be. I made one and it seems so big.

  10. Pamela

    Do you have a video tatorial? I am a visual learner and cannot seem to figure out how to do this! I am dying to make them fior a party in a couple of weeks and just cannot get started.

    • The designer has a video tutorial available to you. The link is in the article in blue words Crochet Water Balloons.

  11. Barbara Klue

    I think I will be making these for the “differently abled” folks I work with …. easier to hold on to and no parts and pieces to clean up 🙂

  12. Christie

    Ooh, there is going to be some wet fun at gramma’s house!
    Thank for sharing ♡♡♡

  13. Jane

    This brilliant! Balloons are dangerous in waterways.

  14. Stephanie

    Would it work if we used regular 4 worsted acrylic yarn?

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