Full Circle Crochet Pillow Pillow Pattern

Crochet Full Circle Pillow
Crochet Full Circle Pillow
Crochet Full Circle Pillow

Full Circle Crochet Pillow

I think these Crochet Full Circle Pillows are the cat’s meow! I love the colours, I love the shape… I just adore the layers! As Pee-Wee Herman would say, “If you love it, why not marry it!” Well… maybe he’s getting carried away! Don’t tempt me!

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Crochet Full Circle Pillow Pattern

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Seriously though, I have made a sample and my sample looks just as sweet! Easy to follow instructions and dare I say it… Oh so wonderful!

These are too nice to leave outdoors but if you are heading out for the day and want to accessorize your sitting areas, take them out but don’t forget to bring them back in. I know when I saw these for the first time, it got my hand all a jitters with excitement.


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  1. LiquidsDagron

    Yes please! I am a very visual learner and your tutorials are always so helpful and easy for me to follow.

  2. Barbara

    Yes, tutorial please

  3. Yes, please do a tutorial. You have great tutorials and they make the work a lot easier to follow. I’m not so good at following a written pattern. Thanks so much.

  4. Jennifer Rollo

    Please make a tutorial! I am so lost on rows 12 and 13. I’m reading it over and over and just figure out what exactly to do. I stay away from patterns I think are difficult, but I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself more. Please help me Mikey!!

    • hey Jennifer – LJ here – Mikey has a Chrysantheum dishcloth tutorial here the same concept is used. So skip forward on this dish cloth tutorial to the 16min 22 sec mark and watch that and it will make sense to you. ♥ LJ

  5. Laura

    I would love a tutorial way easier for me ! ? ?

  6. A video tutorial would be ace as I am a novice, and can’t read petterns.

  7. Tina Haddix

    Please do a tutorial. I’d love to make one

  8. Jamie Mundell

    I would love a tutorial. They are so much help. Thank you

  9. Luan

    I love love these pillows! Please do a tutorial on them!!!!

  10. Cheryl

    Please do a tutorial !!!!! Thank You !!!!

  11. Eva

    These pillows caught my eye directly – a tutorial would be much appreciated!

  12. Tanya

    Pretty please do a tutorial I’d love to do one of the pilllows! 🙂 I just seem to be able to follow better when I can see.

  13. Jomary Valentin

    Please do the tutorial on these beautiful pillows…I barely started in Nov of 2016 to crochet thanks to your wonderful videos. I hope I can make it to your cruise one very soon because I would love to meet both you guys. :):):)

  14. Sue

    Pillow tutorial, please.

  15. Lucy Carlin

    Please do a tutorial on this pillow it is beautiful. I need a gift for my sister birthday . I know she would love this for here living room sofas. Thank u.

  16. Yadira Grajales

    Tutorial for pillows please. Thanks!!!!

  17. MikeE

    Great pillow; a tutorial would be wonderful. I hope you do make one.

  18. Ginny

    I’d love to see a tutorial for this gorgeous pillow please.

  19. Kimberly Harbin


  20. Mayra

    Would love a tutorial for this pillow!

  21. Alice Petty

    Yes please to a tutorial

    • Mary Horner

      I love the pillows!

    • Roz Ivey

      Yes please. Your tutorials are always helpful and I have so much fun crocheting with you.
      Thank you,

  22. Darshana Thakker

    Tutorial of the pillow would be nice.

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