Crochet Clay Classy Pillow Pattern

Crochet Clay Classy Pillow Pattern

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Crochet Clay Steps Pillow Pattern

Crochet Clay Steps Pillow Pattern

Crochet Clay Classy Pillow

An easy but striking crochet pillow to accent your home decor is the Classy Clay Steps Pillow from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts. Using Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn.

This stitch is pretty easy to maintain with simplicity without overdoing the design to make it too busy. Once you get started, you will see how simple this is. In the tutorial, I will show you how to do this pattern without cutting your yarn strands without having to start and end new strands. You can safely carry them up the one side and then hide them when you attach the two panels together.

This pillow has been designed for an 18″ Pillow Form. You can change the size easily with the multiples used to keep the pattern consistent. If you change the starting chain you can change the width to make it a different size. You just have to stop when your panel becomes square. Use a measuring tape the first panel and then do the second panel to the same rows you did for the first panel.

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Crochet Clay Steps Pillow Pattern

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Altering The Sizes

  • 12″ Chain 32
  • 14″ Chain 36
  • 16″ Chain 42
  • 18″ Chain 48 original
  • 20″ Chain 52

Follow the pattern as stated.


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6 thoughts on “Crochet Clay Classy Pillow Pattern”

  1. Jeanette says:

    Wondering if I could use a zipper on The fourth side so I can take the pillow out to wash it as needed. Same with the covering.

    1. Mikey says:

      You sure can. Just sew it into position and don’t join that with the conventional way.

  2. Ann says:

    No blue button

  3. Sandra Mello says:

    Hello Mikey!!!
    I would like to know if I could use another yarn for this pillow!!! I have so much polyester yarn, I would like to use
    what I have, please!!!
    Thank you!!!

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