Crochet Vintage Baby Booties Pattern

Crochet Vintage Baby Booties Pattern

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Granny Motif Booties, Vintage Booties

Granny Motif Booties, Vintage Booties

Crochet Vintage Baby Booties

These adorable baby booties called the Granny Motif Baby Booties are perfect for those special occasions. The design is classic and vintage, exactly something you would see on a Sunday dress, christenings, wedding or more for the young child.

Sized for 3 months – 6 months, using a very small crochet hook, Size C or 2.75 mm hook combined with Patons Baby Beehive Sport, these are delicate to the appearance but strong as it’s a sport.


Vintage Baby Booties

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The design starts from the top of the foot and then down toward the sole. It’s then finished at the ankles working upward. In the tutorial below, I was hand drawing a diagram to keep track of the sole. Since filming, Diva Dan has made a diagram on the computer for me so you can have it. This is the sole area so you can see it in diagram format to make it easier to follow.

Granny Motif Baby Booties Diagram

Granny Motif Baby Booties Diagram

Granny Motif Baby Booties Diagram. Click to print or save this crochet diagram.



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4 thoughts on “Crochet Vintage Baby Booties Pattern”

  1. Anne says:

    Where can I find the pattern for these cute booties?

    1. Marina King says:

      A blue pattern button has been added, you can find the pattern by clicking on that.

  2. Christian Miller says:

    That is an awesome booty. Do you have the pattern on paper?

  3. Kim Latshaw says:

    Love these! Have been browsing for some booties for my granddaughter and these are perfect.

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