Let’s Make a Difference Crochet Patterns

Let's Make A Difference Charity Crochet and Knit Lookbook
Let's Make A Difference Charity Crochet and Knit Lookbook
Let’s Make A Difference Charity Crochet and Knit Lookbook

Let’s Make a Difference

Yarnspirations has done it again, another fabulous Charity Focused Lookbook. If you remember, their last Charity Lookbook was about winter wear called Stitch It Forward. I also did a number of the projects inside that Lookbook in tutorial format. This is the Let’s Make a Difference Pattern eBook.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Let’s Make a Difference eBook

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Stitch it Forward Lookbook Tutorials

In order of popularity.

Lookbook Preview

Yarnspirations designers did a special twist to this book. They included cats and dogs into the charity mix. I know a few people who crochet mini blankets for cats and dogs for the shelters. So not only do you have projects for those in wheelchairs, babies but you have a few choices for pets. I made my kitty a pet bed too! 😀

The patterns for the entire book are relatively simple to understand. The complicated project is probably the Comfort Shawl as seen on the cover. It’s not hard, it just requiring your attention to counts. Other than that… Good to go.

I have filmed most of the projects in the Let’s Make a Difference Lookbook as my commitment to charity is strong. View the Lookbook Here. All patterns are free to print out and/or download.


Tutorials Featured in This Lookbook

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  1. Juliaoswald

    Thank you ? thank you Mikey!!Always I love everything you give us .I know you now
    For a few years and I’m so happy for that ❤️?

  2. Julie

    I’m pretty web savvy, but still cannot figure out how to access these patterns… I followed the link and clicked ‘download’, but it just took me to the same video? Managed to find a couple of other videos, but no sign of printable patterns. Very confused! Helppppp LOL

    • Click on the pink button near the top that says, “Get Pattern”. That will open the Lookbook. Every photo in the book is clickable to take you directly to that pattern.

  3. Linda Kelly

    Another great idea

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