Tunisian Circles
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Tunisian in The Round
Tunisian in The Round

Tunisian Circles

Learn how to make a Tunisian Circle. It’s much easier than you realize.

This learning article is brought to you by Dela Wilkins, the Railway Knitter. Dela is my mentor of Tunisian and taught me this technique.

The technique below is about increasing the triangles from the outside in. There is a technique which is the opposite of decreasing to a point instead of what is shown below.

Video Tutorial

Understanding the Circle

Tunisian Circles are made up of pie shapes that go around in a circle. Unlike a typical crochet circle where we go around and around until we get the size we need, we must figure out the radius dimension of the circle first before beginning.

For those who need a geometric refresher. Radius is the distance from the centre of the circle to the outside of the circle.

For example, say you want your circle to be 10″ in diameter. Half of the diameter is the radius which equals 5″.

Once you know your radius, your starting chain is based on that radius dimension. In this case, would be 5″ long chain to begin.

The number of pie shapes going around is typically 6 – 8. You will get an idea once you are working on it how many you need to accomplish in order to have your circle sit flat. Once you are satisfied, you will sew the beginning chain to the final edge to complete your circle.